The legend of Vaklam continues

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The village of Arith comprises about 200 souls dwelling in 120 or so wooden buildings guarded by a simple palisade and a handful of recruited militia. Arith is a farming community but also contains several small wood mills, indeed the wood of Arith is famed as being soft and pliable when green but as it dries it becomes quite strong, possibly the strongest wood in the basin. This has made the area reasonably rich with a wood trade that supplies mainly the nobles of haven.

Recently rumours have begun to circulate that a group of Yuirfavalen have moved into the area and are teaching the locals how to make better bows in return for refuge. However the locals refuse to verify these rumours and no proof has been found as yet; Arith bows are said to have a difficult pull but an incredible range and the shafts of the arrows are said to be as strong as steel.

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