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Assassin (Blessed Blades) - The Silent Hall

Assassin is a vague term that is often misused by the general populace; assassins are killers yes but few enjoy that title, one around which hang many clichés and pseudonyms. By their basics an Assassin is a trained, well paid individual, usually acting alone, who is trained to end the life of their opponent without ever being seen by the target or those that serve and protect them. The Assassins skills begin in another life when they are training as soldiers or as Hunters and finish when they have mastered the arts that are drawn from the ether of the world, that empower them and give them skills beyond the ken of mortal folk. Sometimes these skills come naturally to an assassin, these people are legendary figures, other times it is taught to them by others who have identified their talent and chosen to train them to follow in their footsteps. These skills are taught by members of the Silent Hall, an institute of unusual and deeply religious origin: The Silent Hall was established by followers of Notelexus during the 7th century, a place where death could be monitored and all those that teach are called back from the realms of those that have passed beyond.

Assassins have a code by which they live and operate, often it differs from individual to individual generally based on the region in which they were trained and came to strength. Equally most would be assassins do not escape the notice of the local authorities who have their own special operatives who court the assassins and attempt to engage them with the regional powers that be. If an assassin cannot be courted in such a way then they often become a target for others of their kind; no assassin operates as a rogue agent without some form of retribution by local powers. All contracts and standards of the Oaths of Conduct come directly from The Silent Hall and any Blessed Blade that might work without the remit of the Hall are usually the victims of its next legitimate contract. The roll of Blessed Blade is an honoured and well received one with most communities or villages treating the presence of one such among their number as an honour. Many leave them personal gifts and trinkets, charms that they hope will keep the Assassin tied to that place for as long as possible.

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