The legend of Vaklam continues

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Baserak - Inherited Skill that is Enhanced

“The memories of the greatest spirits that have walked the lands of the Tao, the Royal Basin, Rhygahrea and in truth the majority of the lands that we have experienced are remembered in tale and story. The deeds that they have done when they were living, when they were vital and strong were seen by the many and their actions, no doubt inspired many on that day, on the field of battle, in the halls of the worthy and among the company of politicians and Queens. Those actions were recorded and given a body again in the form of words that can be spoken, sung and made form again by the skilled and the eloquent, a feat made impressive not just by the action of the inspirer but also the ability of the tale writers and later tellers. What these two things have in common, what makes them remarkable is the strength that it gives to others: Witnessing the deeds or hearing their oration, well spoken, brings forth a great emotional response in those present; the heart beats faster, our physical power manifests as stronger and greater, our senses keener and our resolve immeasurable but when those words or memory of that deed fades so too does that mystic empowerment.

Imagine then the idea that the spirit that was the catalyst for those deeds, the inspiration for those stories was something that you could call upon whenever you needed to. Something that could find in you that hidden and forgotten strength when you needed it the most, something that would guide your hands and your actions to achieve greater things. Some of you may have heard of those possessed by a Baserak Spirit, a long fallen warrior that can, on occasion connect with someone and feed them with their might. These spirits sometimes follow a lineage or the deeds of someone who shares a commonality with them but there are almost always limits to the connections. Then there are the Baserak. A Baserak is the amalgamation of the Spirits of Warriors so consumed with rage and bloodlust that their story refuses to leave the weave and that manifests inside a person merging with their personality as well as giving them tremendous strength and experience. These legends that walk are truly fearsome.”
- From The Warriors of the Weave by Torja Blackwood - 1182 PPW

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