The legend of Vaklam continues

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Children of The Gods

What History Tells us!

Many years ago, some 500 years now, saw the last days of the old gods of both the Focus and the Natural Realm. For Focus stood the Goods of Good, Neutral and Evil: Kalarin, Tremalian and The Dark One respectively and for Nature stood the one God Kalarm. This Pantheon of Gods had stood bastion in their realms of magic for long centuries and had been unchallenged and safe in their portfolio of power, however all that was to change. It was the Dark One that upset the balance of power and almost bought destruction upon the land of Vaklam for it was he who sought out an alliance with the Daemon Lord Sarkith. Their plan was to depose and slay the other Gods and take their rightful place as the rulers of Vaklam.

However the Dark God was not the only one with the power to make an alliance or act upon the world. As the Dark One and Sarkith set foot upon Vaklam and began a reign of terror, so too did Kalarin and Kalarm follow them onto the world to join with their forces in the fight against evil. Tremalian instead chose to draw powerful mortal allies from other worlds to stand with the heroes of Vaklam against The Daemonic and Angelic Hordes. Amongst the heroes of Vaklam that stood against the darkness of those times were Sir Tiberius, then head of the Dragon, Dieron the Blessed and Tobias of the Forests. These three went on to become hugely famous in their own rights and are still recognised names today.

During the Pantheonic wars many great and wise people were slain, artefacts and names lost to the winds of time and legions of troops lost to the chaos. Most inhabitants of the land thought that this would be the end of the age of light and that the darkness had come to replace it. Early on in the war Tremalian was slain by The Dark One, and the powers of neutrality were flung to the four winds. The struggle to maintain the balance between Good and Evil cause great rents in reality itself, whole towns and villages vanished under the weight of such punishment. Still the heroes of Vaklam fought on, those of noble heart and they of twisted soul fighting side by side against the destruction of their very world.

Kalarm was the next to die, caught and slain by Sarkith, far from the fairness of glade and glen, but deep in the vile corruption that is Dreff Wood. The body of the great Kalarm was found by Dieron and his companions but upon their return it had vanished, presumably absorbed into the heart of Dreff Wood to one-day return its hope to the land. Finally Kalarin fell to the dark one, offering no resistance to his evil blows she allowed herself to fall and passed her life essence to those heroes that fought to save the world of Vaklam, her soul she left in the safe care of Tiberius, her Paladin.

Finally Dieron and his cohort came upon the Dark One as he sought to absorb the power of those gods that he had slain. Together they struck at him each trying to utilise the fraction of Kalarin’s essence against the power of the Evil. Finally as each fell Dieron realised that only possessing the entire of Kalarin could he strike against The Dark One. So drawing into himself he power of his God Dieron struck hard and true slaying the evil God, but at a terrible cost, his own life. With the fall of the Dark One and Dieron the Blessed the essence of the God’s no longer had vessels to house them and began to return to the heavens from whence they came however things where not to be the same again:

Each of the essences of the three Focus Gods converged upon their voyage heavenward, and together they decided that the balance must never again be threatened and that the power of each aspect was to great to be wielded by one supreme being to that end each aspect split into four and ascended to the heavens to become three different faces of each aspect of the balance. Once the gods had become separate the final parts decided that the new gods could never be allowed to tread the soil of Vaklam or interfere directly with the lives of mortals. To this end the final three parts of the gods amalgamated to create an entity that became the over god, the watcher. To stop the other 9 ever interfering with the world again the being sits beyond the heavens and will strip from those who transgress their powers and their rights as a god.

The Truth

During the Codex Wars and beyond beings were discovered; beings of great power who exhibited the powers of Gods. It did not take long to discover that these beings were in fact the offspring of various deities from the heavens; sacred law had been broken and the Over God had not intervened as had been promised he would. During an investigation by learned Priests and the Angels of various gods themselves the following was uncovered:

The Over God was nothing more then a placebo: When Tremalian was given the three remaining parts of the deities and told to create an Over God he realized that the power to create a being more powerful the he was was beyond him. He claimed to have made the Over God and all the new Gods swore to uphold the rule: NO GOD SHALL INTERFER WITH THE MORTAL WORLD. All Gods except for Yarrianne, Ekimelahw and Notelexus had directly interfered with the mortal world by descending and having children, thereby leaving their divine seed behind in mortal people.

The Outcome

Ekimelahw was outraged, he role as the Balance of the Heavens and as the custodian of law and order drove her to take drastic action. Condemning all children of the Gods as a crime she ordered that all children of the Gods should be slain. Over the months more and more children were discovered and various sections of her church schism’d as they balked at killing innocent children. Matters finally reached a head when, acting on Ekimelahw’s direct orders, Priests of Ekimelahw and Tiberius raided the temple of Naed and spirited away the once God who was condemned to Vaklam as his actions in the Codex left him to weak to return. The Church then placed Naed on trial for his actions and, finding him guilty, stripped him of his divine powers placing them instead in the hands of Kortanagry the Archangel of Law.

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