The legend of Vaklam continues

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Chosen of the Vorok Core - College of Controlling Power

The power of the Vorok Core has been locked behind the secrets of the Colleges since their inception after the days of wrath thousands of years ago. These mysteries are the enlightenments that provide the strength of the Colleges and the Houses of each of the worlds of the four core worlds that surround the Harrowgulf. It is known that any that whisper their words to the Lords and Ladies of the Colleges, who in turn whisper them to the Masters and Mistresses of their houses, gain some insight and knowledge into these words. The words are the oaths that make keep the rising of the sun and crash of the tides on such distant shores in the worlds that are called Beyleethe, Jorven Kel Karenik, Veek Ruaeth Kajhar and Zartherinyialial. Each time the words are whispered so the Oath between speaker and the great trinity is made more pure and given greater credence. On and on this cycle goes until the one that whispers into the dark finds that there is no longer one part of those that teach listening to them. Instead there is the heart of that world and if what waits there in the darkness accepts the Oath then the whisper chooses to whisper no more.

The Vorok Core and the world, or at least continent, of Daer Akmir share power at levels that most followers of Faith and even the sagacity of Archmages and Wizards would be surprised at and would struggle to understand. These powers many would call forbidden or at the very worst dangerous but that is only because they have not been privy to the knowledge that has been set apart from them. The Chosen is responsible for this power and for keeping the esoteric mysteries of the two worlds safe. So armed they become capable of channeling the flux of their houses directly but more specifically they become partly tied to that world, always hearing the unspoken dreams of its people in their mind; guided by it, shaped by it and ultimately drawn to it. Walking under the sun of Vaklam but feeling the warmth of that shines upon the Zaek Haqire. More than ambassadors, more than their contemporary wizarding components they are chosen; not by their peers in the Colleges, not by the Archmages that have trained them or the Lords of the Houses but by the worlds themselves and the heartstones that empower them.

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