The legend of Vaklam continues

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Clergy Inquisitor - The Administration of the Vigilant

Two thousand years have passed. In that time the faithful, believers of truth, seekers of piety have raised the power of divinity to the heavens. Contracts bind us to the heavens, contracts that speak of our duty to the Gods, our duty to the flock and in return both the flock's and the God's duty to us and to each other. Such is the Holy Triumvirate. It is pure. It is sacred. It is Holy. Without it there the sacred bonds of ages and the trusts between us broken. They are not built purely as a physical thing. Our Faith transcends the physical and empowers, through the foundations of magic and miracles, the Gods and in turn those that follow them. The function of our faith and the Gods has been crafted between us with no room for other influence and should there be any need for a redefinition of what is law and is what is heresy then such matters are for a Tharinos and the words of the masses through their High Primus and the words of the Gods themselves. Yet in the dark and still places, unpatrolled by the faithful, their rises the corruption and the malediction of the heretical who would steal from the chastity and sanctities of our belief a power of their own.

This filth seeks the words of obedience that are the purity between mortal and their faith and turn it to horror that is their own. There are many that seek to emulate the power of a God and pervert the will of mortal followers by seeking out the weak willed and the feeble minded and tricking them, through deceit, or luring them with power, tempting them to heresy, to kneel to a darker power. Those that seek to tempt, those that seek to lead and those that seek to follow are a taint upon the purity of the nine, their wickedness will topple the careful balance of power that we follow. They must be sought out, slaughtered, those that know them should be inquisited until the truth of their faith be known, there will be only the righteous and the pure. Vigilance!
- Brief extracts from the words of Termolius. These words are used to introduce those Faithful to the Administration of The Vigilant to whom the Inquisitors belong and by whom they are trained.

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