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Definitions and Examples of Magic

What follows are the definitions of the words of magic as they are intended to be used and some examples of what they could be used for in game including the Magnitude that this example is suggested at. Trying to use these words in ways other than they are intended is considered to be not in the Spirit of the Game and may result in the offender being issued a warning.


Magic that defines itself by the freedom from imperfection and the complete
The caster wishes to ensure that the bar of gold is an abolsute piece for a powerful ritual that it will be used in.


The removal of magical energy from an effect or area and disipating it into the atmosphere
A player discovers an effect of 6 MAGS that they wish to end and use Absorption to dispel the power into the air.


The magic of causing misfotunate things to occur around and individual or place
A caster can encourage a guard to accidentally forget their socks and have to return home to collect them.


The condition or quality of being true, correct, or exact; freedom from error or defect; precision or exactness; correctness.
A player assits in the planning of a military action (pre planning a skit at a fort for example) and uses accuracy to aid the planners. The story tellers will give more precisely extrapolated data which will be fed to the team crewing that skit to aid and assist the players.


The Magics of extreme and generally prolonged pain; intense physical or mental suffering
This is used to inflict quatities of slowly induced pain to elicit responses or just for general pleasure.


Magic dealing with loyalty or devotion to some person, group, cause, or the like.
Via the casting of great MAGS of power a strong caster can link a group sworn of loyalty to gain power under the same banner.


Dealing with the calling back or dismissal of the dead to once more walkt the land of the living
A caster may call forth the spirit of a warrior or scholar to posssess them and enhance their own skills and abilities.


The power of inducing and understanding rage and ire
A character could create the feeling of Anger in one individual toward one disliked by the caster to illicit a beneficial overall response, their follow up roleplaying has a greater chance of success


The magic of understanding cultures and their link with the world of the specific magics that you represent.
A player uses Anthropolgy to understand the role of specific individuals such as Brooganastyl from Malharan culture so as not to offend or damage their relationship with these individuals and respecting their magical customs and the like.


The Magic of using a thing for the purpose that it is not intended.
The warrior turned to the Priest: “You want me to dig a hole with this sword?” The Priest uttered a few words and nodded. The warrior was surprised at how spadelike his sword had become


The magic of the alteration and resonance of buildings
A player Uses architecture becomes attuned to a building and can see into rooms and close and open windows and doors as a Story Teller believes that it would see fit to operate in the event it is used on.


The magic of the repair and crafting of simple artifice
A player Uses artifice, along with appropriate materials, to create a minor piece of artifice that will heal a wound that they would otherwise not be able to. The materials and the artifice are destroyed in the process of creation and then use.

Artistary and Elegance

The magic of bringing out the natural charm and brilliance of an individual with regards the reaction of others.
The user prepares a character for a meeting with a ranking diplomat giving them a more positive impact in that environment.


The magic of physical skills or capabilities, as agility, or stamina
A player Uses athleticism to enhance their stamina so as to drink poison outside of combat and resist its effects.


The Magic of the asumption of Authority in a given place or to a given individual
The caster brings about them a sacred air of power that radiates from them and resonates with a person, their follow up roleplaying has a greater chance of success


Magic used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.
A player uses great magic to draw all forms of magic in an area together and force a permanent binding of the five realms to create a perpetual balance in the area.


Magic of acts of kindness
A caster can encourage feelings of charity and gift giving in others.

Binding Power

The magic of tying power to a place
A player places some 3 MAGS of power into an item that would release a 1 HIT healing effect for the cost of a 6 MAG pull that could be used by another character once.


The magic of the vitae of individuals and the power of the being that that blood belongs to
Used to emulate the abilities of the person that the blood belonged to or in powewrful death rituals against the living.


Magic of not hesitating or being fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff; courageous and daring.
A user inspires a number of people to rebel against a wicked overlord as they overcome ther fears.


The magic of the spirit or conduct; courage; valor after affected by fear
A player can be made brave after they are affected by fear.


The magic of carrying burdens for others
The user takes on the task of another when it is underserved or unwanted A caster takes on a curse or similar effect onto themselves when it was placed on an unfortunate peasant


To be free from excitement or passion; tranquil
A player discovers an environmental effect that causes tremelous fear to be upon them and uses Calm to render their group resistant to such effects.


The Magic of professedly entering a meditative or trancelike state in order to convey messages from a Vorokian Source
A player can enter a trance and speak to Vorokians known to them for brief periods of time.

Children and Growth

The magic of seeing within a child their potentials and how that could be encouraged
A caster seeks a childs soul to feel the areas of its potential passing onto the parents how best it could be nututred and where the strengths of its future may lie.


Magic dealing with the enhancement of the Chirurgeons skill
Add suits or lower difficulties of checks when performing Chirurgery.


The Magic of directing with specific authority or prerogative; ordering
A player can give a command to am imdividual using this word which when passed on will carry that magic with it through a specific authority or chain of command.


The Magic of talking over distances
A player can request radios for the use of long distance communication in preprepared situations.


Magic creating sereninty, a self-controlled state of mind; calmness; tranquillity.
A caster instills a sense of calm in a prisoner which allows their questioning to proceed more easily.


A means of limiting or regulating Magical Power.
A player discovers a device that is drawing power from the background magic of the world. It's purpose is to regulate magics that imprison a powerful being allied to the players. The player alters the rate at which the device brings in ower intending to overload and disable the device in an hours time when they and their allies will be in a position to rescue their ally.


The magic of turning simple materials into a useable resource
A player turns the spoon they have been given to eat their prison lunch with into a lockpick.


The magic of that which is excellent in the arts, manners and so forth.
A player alters the appearance of their clothing to allow entry into a high society function.


Dealing with the physicasl make up of a Daemon and its precence in this world.
A player with this ability can banish a Daemon back to its point of origin either in this world or to another world although this may require a higher Magnitude of power.

Death and Passing

Dealing with the power of the moment of death and passing a soul to its afterlife safely
A Pilgrim travels with the soul to its destination battling the heretical forces that might try to steal it away.


The art of magical deception.
A player with this ability can negate magical methods to force them to speak the truth MAG for MAG.


The art of using Magic in Destruction.
A player with this ability can destroy an individuals weapons and shields before battle even begins.


The magic of negotiation
A offers a gift of recompensation and through the binding magic of diplomacy uses that gift to obtain concession from others.

Distant Sight

The ability to see things from afar
A player understands that there are people in a chamber nearby and sends their vision to that room to understand how many people are there and what they are doing.


The art of magical distraction.
A player with this ability can create a sound or illusion to distract the beholder like in that awful DnD movie


The magic of Augry or Prophecy
A player may attempt o gain a prophetic statement or vision of what is to come.


The magic of a tasks that a person is expected to perform
A player performs a magic of duty that binds someone to perform a task - This is an easier MAG if they agree to the duty rather than being forced to it.


The Magic of entering an emotionless state
Via powerful magics a player becomes uneffected by any emotion!


The magic of something having no end
Usually cast to enhance punishments or curses, this is opposable by other casters but until disrupted it can make another form of magic last for an eternity.


The Magic to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions; stamina.
A caster provides a dying character that cannoy be healed the strength to perform a handful of actions that they would otherwise not ahve been able to achieve before they finally pass.


The Magic of problem and puzzle solving
A player attempting to complete an Enigma based feat sheet uses this magic to give themselves a redraw.


Actually in operation or in force; functioning:
A player discovers a fluctation in ancient ritual or artifice which is causing this effect/device to function innapropriately. Through the power of Efficacy they repair the function of the effect/device.


The mystical identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.
The caster reaches out with magics to a peasant who appears calm only to discover that they are terrified. They later discover that their child is being held hostage and they are being pressured to lie to the caster.


Magic used to encourage action in others
A crew of sailors are unwilling to undertake the task of battling an oncoming storm: The magic of endeavour may encourage them to try again


The Magic of Spying
A player casts magic that allows them to remember words written on paper that they have only glanced at.

Exchange of Power

Transforming Sourcerous power into other Base Realm Power at a poor exchange of power typically 4 MAGS for 1.
A creature is registering Minimal damage from Sourcerous Magics so the caster performs an exchange of power to convert their Sourcerous damaging word into the Focus damaging spell Smite eliciting full damage against the creature.


Magic allowing one to go through a particular instance or encountering or undergoing something
The caster joins with another and experiences an exact moment or taste, allowing it to linger in the memory temporarily.

Exploration and Navigation

The magic of pathfinding and map making.
A character may gain uncanny knowledge of paths and routes or perhaps local water supplies through the use of this magic.

Fairness and Impartiality

The magic of imposing a sense of imparftiality onto a situation or a person or understanding things through such means
The caster brings the magics to bare against a mob that seeks justice through a kangaroo court to make them see reason, their follow up roleplaying has a greater chance of success


Magic with power over any group of persons closely related by Blood or Oaths.
A caster can make a powerful enchantment that would allow that family to be aware should one of them die or ensurre that they are in fact of the family lineage that they claim to be.


The magic of relating to, understanding or controlling the passage of Fate
The caster throws their vision a few minutes forward in fate to try and ascertain what might happen in a room should they commit to a specific action.


The Magic of being without fear.
A Caster can be set up to resist the effects of fear but not to overcome them after they have happened.

Forgetfulness and Abeyences

The Magic of memories and the cessation of things
A character may call back memories or erase them from individuals or stop their thoughts a specifdic thing.


The Magic friendly relationships and intimacy.
A Caster wishes to set up a link between someone they care deeply for and themselves. They may be given a walkie Talkie or similar by a story teller and made aware if that person is in iminent danger.


The Magic of controlling Fire.
A Caster wishes to calm the flames of a burning building before entering


The Magic of provision before hand.
The caster intend to take an action with knowledge of the possibilities that lie ahead and may ask the story teller for brief flashes of advice to make provision before hand.

Forests and Rivers

Magics of calling from the strengths of the Forests and RIvers and then channelling them through yourself and others
A forest could grant strength or patience whislt a River speed or tranquility.


The magic of breaking other magics through the act of forgiveness
Someone is suffering from the action of breaking a magical Oath but the Caster sees that they have attoned and use the magic of forgiveness to break that suffering.


The magic that calls on the family members past of a specific line
Allowing access to the knowledge of deads family members that they may still act and affect the world through you.


The magic of bringing forward the power of the deity or power that they follow through themselves
A Pilgrim summons the acts and strengths of thier parent power through the known tales of its greatness to achieve things of wonder.

Grace Under Fire

The Magic of Combat Experience under threat
A caster does not need to be in combat to call upon this power: It bestows a level of calm and grace required by pressure situations and negates the negative penalties of certain effects.


The magic of excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions
A caster can encourage greed in a merchant for certain items that they possess.


The magic of understanding keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss; sharp sorrow; painful regret.
A caster could take the grief of someone that has needlessly suffered at the hands of an antagonist and tranfer that grief to said antagonist


The magic of care and responsibility towards a person or thing
This magic could be used to ward a house or person so that a an alarm sounds when they are attacked or broken into


The magic pertaining to the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor
A Caster reinvigours the physical form of a person, slowing the effect of a disease or poison.

Hidden Things

Pertaining to the the hiding and discovery of things
When seeking a specific object that is hidden a user of this magic an call on it to reveal its locsation with MAG dependent on the difficulty or hidden nature of the thing.


Using magic to Recognise the realities, possibilities, or requirements of a situation, event, decision etc, after its occurrence.
After defeat to a powerful foe through commited plans of action a powerful pilgrim uses this magic to discern the magics or tactics that may corfreectly overcome them in their next battle.


The power to make an individual free from deceit or fraud.
A person can be made to see the falsehoods that have been spoken to them and shaken away from deceitful beliefs


Magics that involve being true to one's word, promises, vows, etc.
Two beings are bound by this magic so that they cannot break a vow or promise that they have made, consequencies may be added to this vow should they use magic to overcome it.


The magic of the reinvigoration of desires and inspirations that haved faded due to adversity.
An engineer is driven to restart a project that would save hundreds of lives after repeated failiure. Driven by the power of hope the engineering is a success.


The magic of being oneself or itself, and not another.
A caster drives out the influence of others that would make them act an opearte as though they were another.


The magic of unending or enduring life
A player wishing to perpetuate their life after death would need to call upon Immortality as part of that magic.


The magic of not permitting change or variation; unalterable
A player wishes a magic that they have already to cast to remain as it is and not be changed by other magics - Enhancing the Magnitudes difficulty to effect by another.


The means of producing the effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of another or others
A player wishes to enter a specific building and alters the opinion of a guard that they are one of the people that belongs inside.


The means of approaching new and unknown magic and using it to assist you.
A player from the Royal Basin takes Chi from the Dragon Empire and motivates it to function in the same way as Source although this may damage and end the power of the Chi.


Magic granting an inspiring or animating action or influence.
In need of an immediate thought or idea the Pilgrim inspires the poet to create something appropriate to their cause.


The magic of creating new things: Words, power or artifice
The inventor seeks the validity of how one of their new creations will work through the power of invention.


Dealing with the power of righteous retribution and its allocation
A caster could use this power to protect the innocent from the retribution of the guilty.


The magic of fact or truth; clear and certain mental apprehension.
A player perusing a written document can see the words that have been written as falsehoods or with a sense of deception.


The the magicof linguistic signs or symbols considered in the abstract.
A player gains purchase in the translation of a written text in a language that they do not understand.

Leadership and Politics

The act of leading or guiding an individual and political practices and opinions.
A player seeking to understand the political motivations of a DPC could call upon this power and then utilise that knowledge to wrest control of their mooks from them using the power of leadership.


The magic of things passing unseen
A player places a coloured ribbon on an object meaning that others will not notice it.


The Magic of controlling Liquids.
A Caster wishes to calm a river before attempting passage across it.


A body of traditions and knowledge on a subject
A player with the Lore Adept skill adds a lore to their list temporarily allowing them to gain further and deeper knowledge of thing.

Lore Juggling

The Magic of replacing one lore with another
A player may switch out any one with another for a short time for lower MAGS

Loyalty and Service

The magic of faithfulness and obligation when combined with the concept of contratcual service
A Pilgrim blesses a soldier as they join the army, each day they reaffirm their oath to the call and once per day gain a tactical point.


Physical control or superiority over someone or something of lesser will and motivation.
A player takes physical control of a mook working for their enemy and controls their every movement.


The magic of calling on superior force
A player attempts to block or counter the power of another user of magics and calls upon might to strengthen or bolster their own efforts.


The magic of any substance obtained by mining, as ore
A player summons a small amount of material in order to create a minor magical item through the use of the Artifice skill at a highish MAG.


The magic of the majesticness of a being and what is carried in the blood of those blessed into such rank.
A player uses this magic to awaken in a noble the nobility of spirit that would encourage them to do what the player was suggesting.


Powerful controlling magics that forces an individual to become obedient to the will of the caster
The higher the MAG the longer and more controlled an individual will be, this would be harder against strong willed or other worldy beings.


The magic of making a person make obscure or unclear
A player makes themselves invisible for short time.


The magic of observing or noticing.
A player enters a scene and after hearing from the Venators and others in the group believes that their is something that they are missing.
Calling on observation allows them to observe the scene in a new way.


The magic of giving things a structure
A player uses order to force a being to perform a certain number of physical actions in an exact order remotely.


The magics of any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.
A caster can counter, enhance or understanding the rationale of emotional repsonses in the hearts of others.


The magic of the act or capacity of enduring; endurance:
A player attempting to complete a difficult or arduous task that requires card draws, Backlash or Wound Card Pulls, for example, may attempt to negate them through the use of this word.


Magic that allows you to create a state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations.
A Caster creates an environmentasl effect before a great meeting that artifically prevents any hostility from emerging from crosswords or misunderstanding.


The magic pertaining to personal intuition or discernment
A caster uses this power to see through illusory magics or magics that confusion the senses


The heroic magic of being able to continue against all adversity to fulfill your duty.
A characters wounds are too severe to continue but this magic returns strength to their limbs for one final combat before they pass on regardless of further healing attempts.


The Magic of the solemn promise or agreement to do or refrain from doing something
This Magic is Oath magic but directed only at an individual


The creation of gate or door ways to Sourcerous places
A player desiring to enter the Shadowed Lands of Mebd marks an outline on a surface and summons the Portal to that place which will remain open for a length of time dependant on the magnitudes of power that they have used.


A latent excellence or ability that may or may not be developed
A player gains the power to add skills and suits to another character as via the guidelines of Magic.


The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of magic or the course of that power.
A player discovers that an effect is in place that prevents the passage of Lycans through an are. That player has a Lycan in their group but is pursued by the Risen. They can change the parameter of the power from Lycan to Risen for 4 MAGS this may be increased or lowered by a MAG depenedant on whether they are using the same realm of power as the protection or not.

Protection of the People

The power to direct the Source to protect the people
A player places an effect on several peasants that allow them to pass unseen by their foes


The magic of lawful punishment on a being that has been properly judged
This is powerful magic that works in tandem with a other situations but in which the caster may lay down appropriate punsihments through magic.


The process of making non living matter magically pure via convocation
An area of land is casuing a detrimental environmental effect which is born of Heretical power so a Sourcerer purifies that area. This would be a higher Magnitude difficulty than an area plagued by corruption as that speaks to the Sourcerers direct realm of power.


The magical act of punishing
A caster uses this ability to inflict a permanent HIT on someone for crimes put against them.


The magic of the Raven, to see through its eyes and share its gifts.
Powers such as seeing through their eyes and speeking with the dead through them belong to the Ravens of ROC (See full wiki entry to come)


A powerful magic that deals with renewed existence, activity, or growth; renaissance or revival
A township near collapse has a surge of refugees and a pilgrim performs a blessing of rebiurth to strengthen the roots of the community and give it strength for future days.


The magic of repairng broken things.
A caster makes a broken sword whole.


The Magic of remorse and sorrw
A caster could take the sorrow of someone that has needlessly suffered at the hands of an antagonist and tranfer that sorrow to said antagonist


The magic to reatin control of one's impulses and actions; self-control.
A caster prepares themselves for attacks of mental control through the use of resolution magics.


The direct magic of the distribution of rewards and punishments in a future life.
When passing someone over the character may chose to add testimony to the judgement of their character.


The magic of recovering knowledge over time
A caster fails to understand or succeed at a Feat Sheet so that a character with reserach may cast appropriate Mags and leave the spell running that will then make a better check some time later.


The powerful magic of reparation made by giving an equivalent or compensation for loss, damage, or injury caused.
Usually group magics that bring forward great and powerful injury to those that have wronged and damaged an individual, always done justly and usually over great distance.


The power that comes with boisterous festivities.
Usually used for connecting to and enhancing the weave through certain styles of entertainment and excitement


Dealing with the magics of fair outcome for work achieved
A caster can bless an actyion taken by individuals under the proviso that a job well done will be noticed by their patron and fair rewards will be found along their path.


The magics of understanding or feeling rivalries between others and even being able to draw on them.
A caster can feel the tensions between a group and understand if that is competitive, bitter or false for example


The magic of principles or regulation governing conduct, action, procedure, arrangement and so forth.
A caster wishes to enter the halls of a powerful Archangel but procedure dictates against it: A high MAG check would allow them to force a change to regulation to allow them entry.


The magic of keeping something safe
A Pilgrim observes someone crossing a dangerous bridge that is being buffeted by the wind and realises that they will soon fall to their death. Through their prayer the wind abates and they cross safely.


The magic that brings acuteness of mental discernment and soundness of judgment.
The User calls upon a difficult MAG to protect themselves against diminishing of critical thinking caused by magic


The magic of things that are kept secret, hidden, or concealed.
A player speaks words to a confident that they can then not repeat unless it is to a specific individual.

Sixth Sense

The Magic of uncanny understanding of danger
A player with sixth sense can prepare a piece of artifice that they have quickly made and then be prepared for disaster before they turn it on.


Magic granting aptitude in abilities that the individual already has.
A caster may allow a character to retain skill no matter the adversity or add additional suits to checks that they are making.


Concerning the implementation and development of the Source of Magic.
A player Wishes to understand the direct connotation of how a nodal point is channeling Sourcerous power and if they can draw from that nodal point to enhance their own casting


The magic of working with metals
A character gains ranks of skill with metals or could reforge a whole pice of broken armour through the use of this.


Magic concerning the relative rapidity in moving, going, etc.; rate of motion or progress
A player Wishes to reduce the rapidity of a pursuing dirigible.


The Magic of combining and employing the means of war in planning and directing large military movements and operations.
Used to aid in rituals that are covered through larger events or in downtime to enhance the potential of success in a battle.


The Magic of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor
A player is capable of making feat of strength checks that are beyond their usual limitations


Pertaining to the magics of making a person more or less noticeable in an area or with certain people
A caster can try to make people believe that they are styled as a servant or a Lord.


Magic pertaining to the parameters of success
A caster can make things harder or easier to do in terms of suits difficulty, time limits and the like for quite high MAGS


Magic allowing a person to sustain or withstand emotional stress without giving way; serve as a prop for.
A caster shares their emotional energy with another and can then withstand negative effects of emotional environmental spells for that person.

Tactical awareness

Magics associated with the reading terrain, to identify tactical problems or opportunities, choose appropriate tactics to solve the problem to exploit the opportunities.
A Hig MAG casting, once a foe had been engaged once, could allow the user to call their own rollover in battle


To transport oneself or be transported across space and distance instantly.
A player Wishes to move themselves to the nearest beacon in the Teleportation Network.

Terror and Decay

The magics of Fear and the natural deomposition of inorganic things
A caster can remind an individual of the things that they fear the most as they prepare to question them, their follow up roleplaying has a greater chance of success

The Afterife

Dealing with entering the afterlife to converse with the dead or travelling through it to reach points where the near dead are awaiting a passing
A character may call on specific souls from the afterlife or travel from the site of one who is near death to a place where one has just passed.

The Moon

The Magic of Congal Claen
The caster may call on Congal Claen for visions, moonlight and kindness.

The Realm Below the Sea

Magic pertaining to what is beneath the waves of the Sea
A character may attempt to speak to sea creatures, hide things in the oceans or raise sunken ships.


The magic of relating to, understanding or controlling the passage of time
The caster throws their vision a few minutes forward in time to try and ascertain who might enter a room in that time.

Tracking and Capture

The Magics of pursuit and inarceration of those that have cause to be so followed.
Allows increase in Venatoring checks in the usual way and knowledge of how best to incapacitate a foe.


The magic of conveying people, goods, etc.
A player Wishes to move a group to the nearest beacon in the Teleportation Network.


The magic of buying, selling, or exchanging stocks, bonds, or currency.
All things in the Rising of Chaos have a flavour of magic about them and trade is no different: A player wishes to trace the system of trade for an item: Where it has been, how it has travelled and whether it has been blessed or magically enhanced upon its journey.

Travel And Journeys

Dealing with the magics of moving from one place to another and what happens along the way
A caster may wish to be aware of the best route from a-b or seek fair winds or even terrible weather upon another


The magic of forming or building on bonds that exist between people
The caster brings forth powerful magic when they meet a rebel leader for the first time to encourage trust with them, their follow up roleplaying has a greater chance of success


The power of a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like.
A Pilgrim casts a magic so that a person before them may only make statements that are “The Truth”


The Magic of superior power of discernment; enlightened intelligence
A player requires a level of insight regarding the immeditae use of a piece of artifice or equipment: Whilst they may not gain an understanding of HOW it works the will gain an understanding of WHAT it does.


The Magic of a oneness of mind and feeling.
A player creates a unified mind that cannot be affected by outside forces which could be extended to others.


Manipulation of a substance diffused or suspended in the air, especially one normally liquid or solid.
A player creates mists to hide the movement of other players through a story tellers narrative as they infiltrate an enemy outpost.


The Magic of the desire for revenge
A player casts powerful magic seeking revenge on a foe who has wronged them gaining bonus suits on Venator checks when hunting them down.


The Magic of watchfulness
A player casts a mark on a place that alerts them if someone comes near that area and for a great deal of magic allows them to see what is happening there.


The magic of summoning healthy physical or mental energy or power; vitality.
A player calls forth their own energy and transfers it to another allowing them to perform tasks such as running or enigmas efficiantly and swiftly.


The Magic of experiencing scenes where powerful magic has been used in an area that would otherwise be hidden
A player sees scenes of what occured in an area years before hand where one Sourcerer murdered another with powerful magics.


To guard or protect via Sigils against the supernatural.
A player is being pursued by daemons and wards the entranceway to an area with the Daemonic sigil and the Magnitude of power that they are using to ward the area. This would then prevent the entry of the Daemons.


Pertaining to the magic of causing fatigue
A character can use this magic to enduce or remove fatigue or transfer it from one place to another.


The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise.
A player seeks to understand the judgement of a powerful Lord whose actions seem unwise and unjust before taking action against them. They gain an understanding and inkling as to why they have made their choices and csan reason from their point of view.


The magic of retaining and consolodating youth.
A player uses the power of youth to prevent the againg effects of a Chronovore

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