The legend of Vaklam continues

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Divine Warrior - The Guild known as Divinity

“An inspiration of faith, my friends, greater in my opinion than any Priest, as I am and a warrior guided by the hand of Grace, I have walked in the Shadow of many worthies but none so great as he: I served with him for many years and I saw the best and worst of him, he was a man first, an angel second and hero of his faith and of his people at all times. Among his first acts in this world as servant of the light was to thwart the power of Malice as it sought a return to this world and in doing so bring forth the Pantheon that we now revere. In many ways you could say that he was the Father of the modern Church of Tiberius although he would dismiss such words as nonsense and continue his work without thoughts of greatness. That was only the beginning of a very long career that would see so many foes defeated, relics recovered, lives saved and dwindling faith inspired that Dieron would eventually be offered and accept the rulership of the Royal Basin as King. Some considered him a poor King, others great a trait that he shared with many others before and after him. Whatever the thoughts of him as King that is never how I remember him or judge him and everything that he was, was summed up on the last day of his life among us.

The last act of his life was to sacrifice himself so that we might live. There were others with him who could have and would have cast themselves into the Archway through which he walked but Dieron could not see others carry such burdens when through the actions of their lives they could walk in happiness and bring such spark of faith and belief to others along that way. What speaks of his greatness is the reaction of his comrades. There was little left, upon his departure, but grief and loss in the hearts of his companions. Hopelessness and fear followed not far behind but he knew that they would pass. He was a man who showed faith in us and so powerful was the conviction of that one man, so powerful his faith that it will always inspire us and give us strength no matter how far away from us he has travelled. Yes; these are the journeys of Dieron the Blessed and he is of Tiberius but he embraced the many faiths, though the journey to do so was long and his inspiration was and is an inspiration to any who would call themselves a Warrior Divine, through whatever faith or means they have made their way the purity of the soul is all.”
- Battik the Redeemer - Lord of the Dragon

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