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Hospitallier of Blue Horizons - Guild of Blue Horizons

The Royal Basin, nay Daer Akmir, in fact if we are truthful all of Daer Akmir is a violent and unforgiving place that many travel with the hope of bringing order, hope and calm to a toiling civilisation. Among those that walk that road are the Hospitalliers of the Guild of Blue Horizons. The Guild was founded by Domisarn Kyark of the Oath who followed the Path of the Priest but had grown weary of the Oaths tendency to solve problems with the blade and with many of his friends dead he left to form his own Guild. He was joined by various members of different orders, unsurprisingly the Faith of Yarrianne was strongest among them but also a good contingent of Haruspex and a handful of other Guildsfolk dedicated to the cause. The guild continued to grow, although slowly, filling a unique niche in the community; their ethos was to provide protection, through healing, to those that travelled the horizons of the world whilst promoting the ethos of civilisation, peace and prosperity. There are many tenets that the Guild follows but the core of their grouping is based around the core ideals of a culture that abhors violence and promotes arts, teaching and high moral values.

It is very difficult to join the Order; it is rare that those initiates that train here find a blending of their own moral standards with that of the Guild and those original core group members that founded the organisation in 1845. However once within the Order those accepted often discover that the duties of a Hospitallier are much tougher than they imagined: The code of protection, the conflicting duties that come with understanding that all life is sacred and that before one's own requirements must come the needs of others. Beyond that sponsorship of the arts, appreciation of the philosophies that govern the principals of our lives and the investigation and understanding of the politics that dictate the progress of the smallfolk that have no say in their own destinies also walk with a Hospitallier. A Hospitallier takes on the responsibilities of many people and though they are seen as healers and protectors of the physicality of a person or a group they are also protectors of the soul, the morality and indeed the hope of the people.

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