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Kai Rain of the Final Way - The Adepts Assembly

The Final Way represents the mysteries that the Institute of contemplation has devoted its life to over the years of its teachings, mysteries that have been carried much further by the Adepts Assembly and were the basis for the great experiment that ultimately led to the evolution of the Iron Minds. The Final Way demonstrates a complete Mastery over both the Mind and the Body and a blending between both that allows the development of Psionic Talents; a Final Way forward without the need for instructors and devotion to previous training. It was expected that the experiment would create the situation where the concept of the Final Way would be revealed but that transcendental state was eventually achieved and taught by the legendary Bharak Zahr whose meditative techniques and understanding of the sharing of the Astral with our psyche are still both unique and expanding. His treatise on the melding and drawing of power from the thousands of minds as one that are represented by the Astral are fascinating and have led to the creation of the last two paths.

A Kai Rain of the Final Way shows contemplative discipline and is able to reach within themselves and call upon the power of the great circle of power that comes from those with whom they have linked minds. A Kai Rain focuses on the power that they have and extending it out from themselves and into the world around them. Harnessing the minds and powers of others around them and allowing them to manipulate the environment in which they live. A Kai Rain lives by their discipline, through focus that is unsullied by emotion and by the agitation of concern. Through these means they have learnt to invade the minds of others, read and understand their own emotions, control their thoughts and even direct their actions. Through the shared link they gain greater insight and understanding of the world and can pass on and share this understanding with others. Whilst the Final Way of the Kai Rain is hard to Master once it is completed the Mind, once opened, can never be closed again.

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