The legend of Vaklam continues

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The Morrigun College

Background and Ethos

There are old tales that saturate the history books with stories of the power and of the might of the age of blood; when savagery and brutality was the way of life and there was nothing so eloquent as the power of the Source. Then there was only the power of the Blood Pits of the Skagriagaard, the alchemy of the Zoranethi, the mysticism of the Giant Kin and the Glamour of the Fae. There was war and chaos and anarchy and then the Void came seeking words of power that had been lost to its unknown master. Those words are, if pre history is to be believed, the power to shape worlds and to master the building blocks of all magics. It is also known that these words or words closely akin to them were carved into the comet that blazed its way across the sky and came to impact the crust of this world in the deep wilds of Helgath where Eaölfheim prospered. When that most great and glorious of events embraced the world so too did our ancient power and from it all power that spreads across Daer Akmir today. So the comet was named after the power that it created, the power that gave life to the world that we now inhabit, that created the races of the world and birthed the Empires and the Kingdoms of this great civilisation. It was called the Source Comet.

The source Comet represented Magic long forgotten from another time and another age where it was referred to as the Nexus. With it came hidden secrets and beings from some dystopian place, some oppressors some oppressed and they spilled over into the world. Their power was dubbed the Arcane and was nothing like we had ever seen before; it dwarfed all other forms and realms with its strength and ability to change reality around it. However this power lasted but mere moments from histories point of view as the Gillieabad Spirits, so free roaming for so long, bound themselves to places of power to neutralise this strength. To the Earth Tribes it was the ultimate sacrifice, to the beings of the Nexus it was an act of war but to those that were to come later it was a gift that could not be over looked. The power Arcane was greatly diminished and it was a power that could never truly be mastered by those inhabitants of the world however the Source of all magic to come was left behind and that was ours to take.

For many years after the arrival of the comet early mages tried to master the power that now saturated this world. Many become extremely proficient in its art but these were spirited away by the Arcanists that arrived with the Nexu; The Kaytaar. It took many years for the College of Sourcery or Council of Magic as it was then to form under the guidance of the Kurt Nagerson whose impressive power in the realm of the Sourcerer led him to become an Emperor of the three Kingdoms (as was back then). During this time the mysterious Kaytaar had established themselves as a force in the world but where once, in their home world, they were eternal, they were made mortal by the forces of Vaklam. To counter this problem they undertook a task to locate the legendary Zoranethi, the Sea Tribe who had mastered the arts of transmogrification of the body and the soul. When they found them they used their terrible power to enslave them, a move that would haunt them in aeons to come. Together they caused the collapse of the Gillieabads power in the Forests of the Chosen, stole the second moon from the Sky and created the Shadowed Lands where they would come to dwell.

Here in the Shadowed lands the leader of the Kaytaar; who was named Thaddeus although the truth of his name was a hidden thing, built a great city known as the City of Staves. The Kaytaar had all arrived carrying blackened or rotted staves headed with ever moving skulls and it is for this that it was named. Here, it is known, that he created laboratories and slave pens and set about, using the Zoranethi as those indentured folk, creating the power of the Dark Fae Men, a name that would become bastardised down to Daemen or Daemon before too long. The creation of such monstrosities is still, in many ways, a mystery to even the most learned of the Fae A' Ryn but what can be swiftly spoken of is that these Daemons were the binding of the essence of captured Fae with some deplorable force. The Daemons that were created in those early days were of deeply melanic magics and far overwhelm any efforts in days that spread after. These first offerings became the hosts to the Kaytaar and the Daemons that followed; their armies. The Shadowed Lands became home to myriad creatures and Thaddeus now styled Sarkith turned his eyes towards the Source rich lands of Daer Akmir as he sought to expand his power base.

As this occurred early Sourcerers under the guidance of Kurt Nagerson learnt some of the magics that would became a mainstay in driving them back. However Nagerson soon retired to the safety of the Council and along with Kyranry and Ithyarn they formed the College of Sourcery and began the extermination of Daemonkind. Here, here in these ancient halls is found the secrets of the oldest forms of Magics known to the races of Vaklam, the original secrets revealed to us by the most famous of Mages. The first Sourcerers were sponsored in the days of the three kingdoms by King Banais, King

Gaharak and King Thiryk and from these first three sponsors sprang forth all other forms of magic throughout the known lands: Focus was founded by Kalarin who was a great Sourceress descended from the first of the Cavaliers, who were then an order of Sourcerers themselves, the Tanak. Through the establishment of the Council of Magic the earliest and some of the greatest of our order were born although some turned almost instinctively to the Dark Arts. And let us not forget the enigmatic brothers Ithyarn and Kyranry, trained by Nagerson forged from field of battle came two of the most fearsome Sourcerers to have ever lived. So as Sourcery developed and the new brands of magic entered their infancy the backdrop for the Sourcery was formed and the direction of the College became irrevocably intertwined with the fate of Daer Akmir.

As the Colleges developed the Daemons of the Shadowed Lands created strange portals of Brass and Iron to step between their created world and our own. Each journey was made to establish the early base of Power that Sarkith held but also fuelled the power of lesser Daemons that would one day rise to challenge him. Raids against the Basin were made to steal away folk gifted with the art as well as any Fae that lived among the people of the six Duchies. The early Sourcerers directed their potential and their power against the Daemons but soon discovered that they were particularly protected from the magics that they had learnt. Nagerson recalled his people and swift development of anti daemonic magics began; even at this very basic stage it was soon clear that the only way to attack this corrupted form of the Source was for some of the College members to embrace it. This led them down the right path; new techniques gifted them with the powers of the Daemons whilst inducing only slight corruptions in the Sourcerers themselves. This rise in corruption also took them down the path that would lead to the development of the rites and rituals of purification that are still used now to remove the Daemonic essence even though this leaves the body weakened.

The wars that followed were terrible and are well chronicled in history but these were the defining moments for what was Nagerson College, at the time. In the greatest parts of those wars the Daemons were cowed before the might of the Colleges and we liberated from them many of their secrets, learnt much of their past and gathered the strength to oppose them in great number in the futures to come. Their darkest however was to see the Daemons overwhelm their positions as the corruptive magics used turned even the most Daemon hating Sourcerers into one of their oppositions number. Yes, the Daemons were driven from the realms but during their tenure they had gained many followers who hungered for the power that they offered. Perhaps the most prominent of these dark moments was when Nagerson himself pursued Sarkith into the Shadowlands, Nagerson was already incredibly corrupted, having refused to cleanse himself until after the battles end. It would be long till he was seen again. Over the years that were to follow the war would be constant, most often it would occur behind the scenes but whenever a force chose to attack Daer Akmir the Daemons would often be involved, sometimes whispering from the darkness, others directly in control but always with their armies marching.

As Daemons grew and the Colleges produced their powers so did the followers of Nagerson, Ithyarn and others come to power so the Royal Basin changed. Kings rose and fell, civil war occurred and the Sourcerers of the burgeoning orders were called upon to support various factions. Through unity comes strength. It was Ithyarn, the Warrior Mage who showed us how to fight against those that would weaken the Sourcerous powerbase and seek to remove the authority and respect that we so rightly deserve and it was Kyranry that showed us that through the control of the raw power of the Source Comet we could enforce that power and solve the problems that the Kingdom, then Empire and now Kingdom face once more. These two houses, under direction from Quinn Shadowreaver, a Zumatakan who was more a director of power than a controller of it, erected their towers in the new capital of Maryat and at his encouragement promoted several younger Sourcerers who were exploring various aspects of the Sourcerous arts. Under the light of this new period of expansion and learning a cloud came; it was now that Kurt Nagerson returned to the Royal Basin, after untold years in the Shadowlands and constructed the tower of Fae’A’Ryn.

The return of Nagerson was not the homecoming many had expected, a shadow was clearly cast over the man, although many said that what came through the portal was no man and he was hidden away inside the Tower of Kyranry during his own towers construction. This slender piece was built above a cavernous chamber that was long in its outfitting although few commented on the cyclopean chains and eldritch signs that were gathered there its purposed was clear in that some form of confine was being created. According to the forbidden archives, or what has been spoken of them, some form of mask was prepared for Nagerson and once donned he vanished into the depths of his tower once it was finished and was not seen by the general public of the College again, indeed no record of his further activity, nor his death or any sightings are mentioned after this time. Even his closest advisors could not speak of what happened to him on that day because they too had disappeared, presumably with their leader. The actions of the mighty Kurt Nagerson were to change the face of the College for ever and what followed defined the nature of the entire facility, giving it a chilling and sinister face to the public that remains to this day.

It took no more than ten years for the experimentation within the Fae’A’Ryn Tower to give the College a new way to enhance and strengthen their control over Sourcery. As daemon kind began to spread their way across the Shadowlands and insinuate their way into the realm of Vaklam so the College finally mastered the skills needed to combat them. It was the Sourcerers of Fae’A’Ryn that learnt how to create the artefacts of power that could store daemonic essence; they learnt how to use these souls to enhance their mastery over Source energies, how much they could channel and store. It was the order of Fae’A’Ryn that allowed all Sourcerers to tap into the very being of Daemon Kind, tear apart their very souls and channel that power into the Sourcerer themselves and grant them the power of the Daemon itself. It was also the Fae’A’Ryn that caused the dependence that we have found upon the Daemon Souls and to suffer the corruptions that they bring with them. Gone were the days of uncontrolled advancement, now we had the power to direct the corruption and decide where and how much power we drew from.

Throughout the history of the Basin we have stood as clear and present protectors against the corruptions of the Shadowed Lands. Our attitudes change from College to College; Fae'A'Ryn will certainly kill all in a township suspected of Daemon worship and then burn it to the ground whereas the order of Kyranry would seek out the corruption and destroy those involved. This, coupled with the rise of the Colleges of the Far Planes changed matters a great deal: Our power had to make room for those that had travelled to other planes and the potential of war was strong again upon the breeze but once more it was Quinn Shadowreaver that stepped in and formed the College of Controlling Power. This group was made up by the Archmages and similar that commanded the various colleges and led to as period of stability. The CoCP soon became one of the most powerful political groups, standing off frequently against the clergy. However its superior organisation and its unbreakable consolidation has allowed it to become the closest advisor to the Crown. The wisest choice and decision for all involved.

Over the years the College has grown, behind its great Iron Doors; new orders have been founded to stand alongside its brethren; The Orders of Nov and of Thurid Quek, both bringing new dimensions to the College and its ways. It has produced some of the finest powers that have stood between the darkness and the light and has been instrumental time and again in the defence of the Royal Basin and the development of new powers that have made this country great. It's immensity of protective might is such that the College has been renamed Morrigun College in honour of the young Sourcerer Valek Morrigun: This Sourcerer gave his life during the battle of Soul Anchor to prevent the Red Sultan, a force whose like of power had na'er been felt before from remaking the world in his image. Though he stood alongside the like of Dieron the Blessed, Skafflock and King Quintus Lionsgold himself this neophyte of the way did his duty and ensured that all of us draw breath to this day. Now under the leadership of the Makeross Kross the College goes on in strength, its knowledge hidden from all but the worthy, the true guardians of Sourcerous power, the other Houses mere infants in our Shadow. We guard the Void.

Code of the College of Controlling Power of the Black Table

The CoCP stands above the individual Colleges with regards to the following issues:

  • Ratification of any new College Policy
  • Delineation of any training outside of standard guild policy.
  • Ratification of any policy that crosses the Golden Table
  • Expenditure of Black Table Resources
  • Control and reclamation of any Arcane artefacts
  • Control of the Words of Power and associated masteries.

The COCP expects

  • Full respect to all Colleges regardless of which you owe affiliation to.
  • The adherence to the laws of the College and the land and to tolerate no disrespect or slight from members of the many lesser guilds and clergies.
  • To show adequate respect to the laws of the College and the members of the Black Table that uphold them
  • Source magic is the oldest and most respected form of magic across the face of Vaklam. As representatives of this art you are expected to act with dignity and most importantly professionalism at all times. Failure to do so will result in your expulsion from the Colleges and your right to cast Source magics stripped from you.

Code of Morrigun College

  • Many people will attempt to damage the reputation of our Colleges, specifically the Sourcerous over the lesser Elemental Houses, some by propaganda others by magical manipulation. It is the duty of every member of every college to oppose and route out those that would harm the standing of the Colleges.
  • Every incantation that is taught to you represents your ability to manipulate the gentle weave of magic that surrounds each one of us. Once you have learnt to control that weave you are expected to use that power responsibly. Sourcerous power is not for show or the entertainment of the common folk. This is the realm of conjurers and prestidigitators, we are Sourcerers and we control the raw powers of Chaos and the elements.
  • We are not guilds, we are Colleges. We represent a faculty that has been established for over two thousand years. We are not a loose collection of half-trained rabble. You few chosen to walk our halls were chosen because you were considered to be the best and most able of your brethren. You will act accordingly.
  • Control of the chaos of Sourcery is our most sacred and guarded duty.
  • Daemon kind must be opposed at all costs, the lives of a few innocents are a small price to pay for the safety of the land.
  • We are the bedrock of the College of Controlling Power and we will act as their staunchest supporters.
  • The control of Sourcery is the greatest of arts and we will allow no others to belittle us.
  • You will show all deference to the rigid guild system of seniority showing respect to and obeying the instructions of those above you in the chain of command.

Words of the College

We Guard the Void

The Five Orders of Morrigun College

Morrigun College is the largest of the five main colleges that support the College of Controlling power and it deals specifically with the main cut and thrust of Source power. Initially it was set up to deal with the growing presence of Daemons and their ilk among the Basanic community with a particularly single minded attitude. As the years past the teachings of Kurt Nagerson were furthered by others and splinter factions grew, each eventually petitioning the CoCP for an individual birth within the College. Not all were agreed but now there are five clear divisions that have sprung from the original order; initiates that join Morrigun are encouraged to spend their time learning of each of the orders before making a choice as to which path should guide them.

The Order of Kyranry

The order of Kyranry is one of the two founding orders of the College and has stood throughout the centuries as the benchmark of Sourcerous Magics
Words: Control without Corruption

Brief History

When Fae'A'Ryn college was established by Kurt Nagerson as the first real place of teaching and learning it was quickly realised by Kyranry that the powers of the enemy were not the way forward. It is believed that his teachings were drawn directly from information that he gathered upon daring the Nexus itself but much of those were lost in the Age of Ignorance. During its existence the Order of Kyranry has made it it's business to act as the liaison between the CoCP and Morrigun College as well as the plane walker Colleges. This has given rise to a prominent political position with both the black and gold tables and a directive from both to operate as teachers and protectors of Sourcery throughout the other Guilds and Churches. Their composure and lack of corruption has led to them making up the bulk of active Sourcerers that operate through the Basanic armies and Guildic communities leading to the levels of respect felt and professionalism shown to and by them.


It is the duty of Kyranite (Kai Ra Knight) to protect the ethos and validity of Sourcery. It is easy for the outsider to see that the heart of our power, as a College, can be found in our power to combat Daemon Kind and by doing so draw in their corruption. A Kyranite follows the ethical teachings of Kyranry that draw us to understand the pure thaumaturgy of Sourcery; the art behind the form. Sourcery is more than a weapon against Daemons it is a tool that can further enhance our understanding of the world in which we live and to benefit the lives of all around us. Research, development, teaching and understanding are the benchmarks of experience that lead to the control of the magical environment around us. Equally it is our foremost duty to serve the College of Controlling Power and the Crown and to promote the superiority of Sourcerous power over that of the Clergy, Tao and Psionic groups all of whom have demonstrated minimal control over their realm.

Areas of Power

  • Full Mastery of the Sourcerous Arts
  • Political Interest and Power
  • Teaching
  • Influence
  • Leadership
  • Mastery of Flux

The Order of Thurid Quek

The Order of Thurid Quek were the fifth and final order to be given licence and many say the last. They are loremasters and keepers of the sacred knowledge's of the College.

Words: The words of the past to unlock the future

Brief History

There came a time in the history of the College that we came to realise that the ages of Corruption and Ignorance had caused a great deal of damage to the very heart and integrity of the organisation as a whole. Great swathes of information and knowledge had been stripped away from the institution; some locked away for fear that the information would damage those that came to know it, some simply lost in battles with Daemon Kind and others whilst some we had simply lost the ability to understand. Thurid Quek, the founder of our order, was tasked with the duty to collate, uncover and return knowledge and information to the Masters of the CoCP. This duty we have upheld, accompanying the Ithyarn and the Fae'A'Ryn on various pogroms into the Shadowed Lands and the hearts of cults in Daer Akmir; here we have recovered knowledge at great personal loss and brought it back to our libraries. from there we have spent our time unravelling the secrets that will guide all the Orders around us to the greatest purpose for which we were created.


Is it right to abandon the pursuit of magical development for the knowledge that once we had? This question is frequently asked of us by our peers in the other orders. They do not realise that their power, their diversity and their continuing fathoming of new and wondrous gifts comes from our devotion to the past. It is difficult choice; to seek the knowledge that we have lost rather than to gain in the powers that we already but to be Thurid Quek is to be a servant of the College but at the same time a master of the development of those around you. We are old, if not in flesh but at least at heart, we who seek the past but if the Kyranite is the heart and the Fae'A'Ryn the breath, the Nov the soul and the Ithyarn the Blade then we are the mind of the College and in truth we dictate all of its actions, all of its futures and the direction that its power will flow.

Areas of Power

  • Mastery over current Lore
  • Mastery over Lore beyond the realm of the Colleges
  • Greater Knowledge of Elemental Realms through study
  • Influence through knowledge
  • Skill in artifice and creation
  • Elemental Dominion
  • Increased Access to Lore
  • Abilities in Downtime

The Order of Ithyarn

The Order of Ithyarn were the third of the splinters that came away from the great trunk of the College when it was struck at. The warrior caster, the defenders, the guardians

Words: The power within is strengthened by the form it dwells in

Brief History

Ithyarn was the first of the Sourcerers to make the choice that the power that the Sourcerers were gaining through their studies could be bolstered through the martial arts. Although many saw this as an impurity of the way, his brother supported him: Ithyarn was indeed a powerful Sourcerer but he and a few others had trained with masters of the blade so that, when the daemons had came, they were ready, experimenting with their own combat methods. He was the first to learn to channel raw power in combat; storing the chaos within him and being able to unleash it with but a single thought, almost innately. As others learnt so he and his orders mastery over such talents grew until they clearly overshadowed the others to such an extent that they accidentally locked themselves into a defining role. The Order have taken up the position of defender in the same way that the Churches have their Holy warriors; their history is one of training in the arts of combat but each member of the order is assigned to one of the other parts of the College and follows them in all things, protecting and guarding.


Our role is one of enforcement of the guilds safety in a day to day to basis, supporting other Sourcerers and training with the unique techniques of combat and battle that the College offers. Outside of the College the Order is dedicated, much as the other orders are, to the eradication of the Daemonfoe and the enhancement of the College itself. Whilst not as fanatical as the order of Fae’A’Ryn the order is more practical and better trained. They are soldiers as much as Sourcerers, often joining the soldiery of the Royal Basin or entering the Shadowlands to bring low the enemies of Basinkind. With that in mind we all have the choice to ally ourselves to one of the orders of the College, sharing their goals and beliefs and dedicating the arts of protection that we have learnt to them. Our lives before theirs.

Areas of Power

  • Martial Skills
  • Channelling of power through weapons
  • Innate skills of Magic
  • Association freely with all Orders
  • Physical Prowess and abilities
  • Innate Powers
  • Greater Physical Prowess.

The Order of Fae'A'Ryn

The powers of the College began in a state of Council and from that Council sprung two Colleges, the first of which was the Order of Fae'A'Ryn; the Daemonfoe

Words: The line unbroken

Brief History

The forbidden archive contains the ancient knowledge of the beginnings of our order but it is shrouded by the protections of our oldest magics and the depths of the Nagerson Tower itself. The crucible of war against Sarkith that created us led to a young but powerful weapon that burned bright and hot and one that we took into battle against the like of Pydathay and Orbolom; great Daemon Generals. Here we tempered that weapon and took from our enemies the strength that they possessed and made it our own. The sacrifices that the great Kurt Nagerson gave for us and the knowledge that he returned with from the city of Staves has meant that we can take that corruption into ourselves and use it for our own end to battle the Daemon Foe. Time and again our history is littered with the crusades that we have taken into the Shadowed Lands and the armies that a handful of us have smashed. Equally we have fought on the home front, weeding out the corrupted Sourcerers, the Daemon Worshipers and burning the villages that they hide in to the ground.


The duties of the Fae'A'Ryn is clear: To hunt down Daemons and their followers, to destroy all that they have touched and leave no remnant of their passing. To sieve through the blood lines of all beings and eradicate those that have the taint upon them and to seek the power base of the Daemonic overlords and destroy it. To seek the Souls of our enemies as they flee the world and to imprison them within the Foci that we are taught to make and to claim that power for our own. To accept the gifts that the rituals of transfer give us and to control them as a weapon that will destroy our enemies and to accept that the corruption they bring will eventually make you one of their own. To accept that when this day comes, when the purification rituals no longer work, you will have completed your duty and served Nagerson to the last of your strength and to accept the destructive power of your brothers that your soul may empower them.

Areas of Power

  • Destruction of Daemons
  • Longevity of life
  • Power through mastery of corruption
  • Interrogation without conscience
  • Maintenance of the Purity of others
  • Powerful Boons from Corruption

The Order of Nov

The Order of Nov were the Fourth Order to form; our histories state that it was our duty to try to draw links and parallels between the magics that were birthed by the Source.

Words: To unlock the Void

Brief History

In the earliest part of the histories of our College we remember steering away from the teachings of Nagerson and Kyranry in our efforts to understand the Source. Our research and delving theorise that the route and source of our power gave birth to the alliances of the Gods and presumably to the awakening of the world of Kethlan and to the power of the Psionicists. It was also overshadowed by the then heretical approaches of Mantacism and Ionic powers which the Sourcerers of the time tried to unravel. From out magic sprang all other base realms and it was Sourcerers that procured the research to allow the form of the magic to change. The order of Nov continued these obscure studies and performed the mastery of ritual. Our history shows us that we are responsible for the earliest experiments in the exchange of the powers of the Base Realms that led to the current guild of the joining and that we have become integral to the eventual expansion of the CoCP.


It is our duty to learn and understand the majority of other base realm powers and to eventually master them. We travel the land, often with other groups searching out the old ways and the old mysteries. We understand that the Source is the Source of power but we do not know what caused the split and the change into other forms. If we can understand this key sequence we can understand the power of the Nexus itself and our mastery over the manipulation over the core of the magic will be complete. The knowledge and the lore that will one day unlock the power of the comet itself lies within the remit of the Order of NoV and one day through perseverance we will uncover those truths. Until that day we follow the code of the guild; after that day perhaps the Code will change.

Areas of Power

  • Cross Realm Casting
  • Mastery of Runes
  • Manipulation of one realm through skill in another
  • Investigation and Understanding
  • Understanding and use of various forms of corruption

Individually each of the Orders have a role to play and a function to fulfil that are clearly outlined in their definitions to member candidates of the College. However as a collective the College are called upon to fill specific roles in Basanic society, it is vital to understand that in most of those situations the College expects us to lead or play a superior advisory role. Our records, our organisation and our knowledge is second to none among the more politically orientated groups. We, as a group, are not directly motivated by wealth or by physical needs; instead we are motivated by the control of power for the benefit of the Royal Basin. The Churches are unruly, the Shields and the Brothers along with their affiliated guilds are little more than soldiers. The Tao is untrustworthy and the Contemplationists are, at best, children. We are the only Institution capable of leading and advising.

Nobility and Leadership

The Royal Basins leadership is made up of hundreds of nobles who are, in kindness, trained to understands the rigours of court but have little understanding and knowledge of the deeper mysterious of the world in which they live. If you are born noble and have chosen to come here to learn then you are wise and you will benefit from your own training regarding the interactions with the upper echelons and with our training you will be able to perceptualise the paths of power that flow around you. Your duty will be to climb as high up the political ladder as possible that you may allow the College more direct influence over the safe development of the Royal Basin. Those that are not born into noble families but wish to follow this path are encouraged to affiliate themselves to a powerful noble house as advisors. They are to achieve the same role as a noble Sourcerer but are to displace any non-college advisors that already have a direct ear to that house, forcing them back to the court level.

Guildic Involvement

There must come a time when any Sourcerer is active in the field; it is our duty to learn firsthand exactly what the members of Guilds that support us go through. Equally it is our duty to continue to oppose the Daemon Foe and research the remnants of what they and other threats have left in this world. Finally and perhaps most importantly the continued defence of the Basanic Community through all levels is easily achieved as servants of the Iron Table. As operatives of that establishment we will be thrust into groups of uncoordinated Guildsmen and it is our duty to ensure, through leadership and guidance that these groups operate as well as physically possible. It is always wise operate surveillance of these types as they are the most likely to be susceptible to the promises of those from the Shadowed Lands.

The Lower Echelons of society

Nobility and the like are, in fairness, well informed but the small folk and the middle ground merchants, traders, workers and other businessmen are not so. We should all, regardless of the role that we have achieved for ourselves, build into our routine a situation where we give ourselves a chance to mingle with these people regularly. Lectures in town halls on the basics of what is out there in world is most commonplace and successful when passing on this knowledge; if we can forewarn them then they can be armed, at least in some small way, against the corruption that so easily fills the world. Finally whilst moving amongst the people we seek those that have the talents that are so valued by the College but whose wielders are unaware that they have such power. The gifts of the College does not care for rank or privilege only skill, power and control.

The College abroad

There will come times when we are required to travel beyond the confines of the Royal Basin; at these times it is important to remember who we are: Our duty is to protect all of Daer Akmir but it is also to preserve the purity of the Nexus and drive out the corruption that the Kaytaar bought to it. However it was Kurt Nagerson and his followers that delivered the truth of power to us and it is the only truth. Whatever has been learnt in lands foreign should be accumulated as knowledge forms by the College but understand that it is, in all likelihood, false or in its own way corrupted. It is imperative that we return with this information whilst at the same time preserving our own knowledge so that it cannot be corrupted and passed on without our control. Threats to the Royal Basin must be opposed at all times.

Ceremonies of the College

There are several ceremonies that are performed during the year by the College that mainly revolve around the rituals of purification. Each season those that have succumb to the power of the enemy are remembered in the rite of Kal-Rayun. Often members of the orders who have become corrupt are imprisoned by the College and during this ceremony they are consumed by the power of the Magister. Their essence is consumed by the secrets below Nagerson Tower and the knowledge that has flooded into them through the corruption is stored. What can be used is given to the Purifiers and what cannot is added to the forbidden archive. We are at best believers in the Gods, Spiritualism is not something that we embrace however we can respect the sacrifices that are given in the name of the defence of this land.

Major Centres of Power

The Colleges are very, very old and as such they have bastions of varying size and power everywhere; every major city, every populated area, every place where daemons may be present there can be found a place of Sourcerous power. Commonly these buildings are towers which are well shaped for the control of the Source as well as flaring of Daemonic corruption. However each of the five orders has a Tower in what are considered to be key, powerful locations crossing Ley lines of direct importance. The originals were either moved or destroyed when Maryat fell but they all exist now in one form or another.

The Order of Kyranry

The Order of Kyranry were originally located in the City of Gamtha, which many people have come to call the magical capital of the Royal Basin. Here the secrets of the Order were kept, filed and dispersed to all other Colleges; during its highest period it was the centre of Sourcerers learning and sat on one of the most powerful Ley Lines in the Basin. Many believe this is why Daemon Kind attacked and sacked the City causing the Order to move North to Norfell. Here they remain to this day, satisfied that they removed all knowledge that the enemy could use and continue their activities, growing in strength daily.

The Order of Ithyarn

This order established their training facilities in the Golden Lands, the seat of power for so long of Dieron the Blessed and the Swords of Tiberius. It was, in the earliest days, that the Ithyarn and the Tiberiusite Holy Warriors learnt the techniques that allowed the marriage of direct magical and physical martial techniques that is seen across the land today. The Ithyarn Fortress is a nestled collection of towers surrounded by magically enhanced walls with the only entrance to the site being the Warriors Gate. Here thousands of hopefuls enter to train with skills that have been passed down for millennia, however only a handful of these thousands exit the gate in the attire of Ithyarn.

The Order of Fae'A'Ryn

When Maryat fell the great tower built by Nagerson was moved, as if by some force of will and now inhabits the Melanic Grove in the centre of the new capitol, Haven. The Tower is ancient in its design and is said to have been constructed from stone quarried from sites sacred to the Skagriagaard long before the coming of the comet. It is isolated from the rest of the College buildings and surrounded by protective markers that were built when the city was created. Few can approach the Nagerson Tower without feeling the touch of Daemon Fear in their hearts

The Order of Nov

The Tower of Nov is located in Shriekspire and was part of the original construction of the site when it was cleared for erection. The Order rely heavily on specific materials that are common in the Bitter Vale to construct the amulets that they prize for use in the holding of runes. Despite its unassuming appearance the College's power is tangible and viewers that patiently view the area around it can, if they are lucky, observe fluctuations of the power that flows here which should not be normally visible to the naked eye. This may be, rumour many, that the original building of this edifice took into its use Arcana Stone gifted to them by the College of Controlling Power.

The Order of Thurid Quek

Quek Tower is located in the centre of Haven and comprises several wings of the collected libraries of the Colleges. It's Southern Wing joins directly to the College of Controlling Power buildings shielding the Archmages from sight as they scurry back and forth to check with the Sourcerers of this order and the Tomes of Wisdom that they guard. A more public section of the Tower is open to Guildsfolk wishing to gather information of a basic level to assist them in the field and has proven a popular destination for fellows of the University and followers of Bethylak. Their interest is most likely fuelled by the presence of some of the forbidden archives that rest somewhere in pocket dimensions, protected by words of power, in the vaults of the Thurid Quek.

College Uniform

The College is not in the habit of enforcing a dress code; during powerful ceremonies the traditional robes that have been marked with the appropriate runes should be worn. This is often, mistakenly believed to be the Sourcerers most common garb but is a misnomer. Robes provide the most expansive materials and coverage; most deep rituals require the presence of thirty plus runes and markings and space is a premium to clothing. In the field we recommend whatever is comfortable and most sensible with as much holding potential and protective capability as possible. In court or similar areas a College Member should appear both regal and imposing in order to establish themselves as a power without the use of words. They should not be in the habit of following fashion.

In all Circumstances the College Member must present the colours of Morrigun College:

College Leaders:

Morrigun College is led by a council of the heads of each of the five orders who are served each in turn by a similar council of Archmages. The Council reports to the College of Controlling Power.

Order of Kyranry – Makeros Kross: Human

Born 1782. Kross is the oldest of four siblings all of whom joined the orders and all of whom are now dead. Kross trained as an artificer originally within the ranks of the house of Kyranry but made a name for himself developing new spells and techniques within the academy. It was not until 1822 that he made his first field appearance during the battle of Kaltrep Ipal, in the Shadowlands, distinguishing himself with his heroics but also suffering devastating wounds that left him crippled. Spending the next eight years in convalescence he developed artefact replacements for his damaged body and returned to the field with vigour. From then until now he has been heavily involved in first hand action and been wounded time and time again. Now he is more automaton than man but retains his keen insight, wisdom and power. He was chosen to lead the Order of Kyranry in 1922 and the College as a whole in 1957.

Order of Ithyarn – Anthony Bane: Human

Born 1975. Anthony Bane has seen more combat than most members of the Battered Shield in his lifetime. He began his training at the age of four under his Father, the legendary William Bane, and was a master of both Sourcery and the martial arts by the time he was twelve. In 1989 at the age of fourteen he single-handedly killed the Daemon Lord Artep Bliss, drawing his power into the blade that he carried, and sealed the portal that threatened the safety of the township of Delve. At such an age the power of the Lord almost overwhelmed him and the warping of that encounter can be seen in his face to this day. Many artefacts of power are weaved into his body to fold back the power of the daemons that he controls as he carries on his work from the frontline to this day.

Order of Fe’A’Ryn – The Magister: Unknown

Born: unknown. None see The Magister save his two aides who pass his word from the depths of the Tower of Fae’A’Ryn to the Archmages that effectively represent him on the council. Even his aides are shrouded figures whose voices are sibilant whispers and presences chill the bones of those who encounter them. Many believe that The Magister is an ancient Sourcerer who is more Daemon than man who spends his time in chains upon a great throne communing with the comet itself. Others believe that it is Kurt Nagerson himself who dwells below, thousands of years after he vanished. Others still believe both to be true. The truth remains shrouded in mystery but the words that echo forth are edged with power and direction; few would question them.

Order of Thurid Quek – Harbind Stone: Orc

Born: 1980. Harbind is an odd addition to the rulership of the College; She was appointed due to her outstanding knowledge and ability to manipulate the realms of magic. However she is young, happy go lucky, beautiful and, rumour has it, often engaged in amorous relationships with younger members of the College. Her hedonistic ways and lifestyle often threaten her position but her skills are invaluable and she knows it, often flaunts her position and activities in front of Archmages and the like. She is a firm favourite amongst students and certain individuals but still represents the interests of the College at all levels. Outside of the College she maintains the levels and standards of decorum that have been demanded by its leaders since the dawn of time. Her ability to change her demeanour swiftly is a frightening thing to behold.

Born 1322. Panlink is a mysterious figure, very little is known of this rune mistress. She developed many of the techniques that are used in the guild today, as a Basanic Eaölf she has been part of the College for almost 800 years, and has proved her abilities time and again. She spends much of her time locked away within heavily warded chambers and is known to have manifested several daemonic aspects that have made her heavily paranoid. She has dropped fieldwork all together and no longer attempts to expand her powerbase through the harvesting of Daemonic essence.

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