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Oblivion Mage - College of Controlling Power

“Oblivion. What is Oblivion? Many believe that it is a state of destruction, a state of ending but that is not the truth of Oblivion. If you are to be an Oblivion Mage then you must master the true harmony of the Nexus and understand that what we achieve is not directly the change in state of that which we destroy but the change in state of self. As you train there must become an awareness of only two things: The Self and The Flux of the Nexus and as you become aware of those two things you must make them one. This is a difficult process and cannot be achieved by a cluttered or disordered mind. It represents the pinnacle of the meditative arts which we use to concentrate and unleash the powers of what is known as the Source of Magic and its practice is one that changes a Mage. In truth it is a state that the Oblivion Mage does not leave, this mediation is never left; the Sourcerer becomes unified with the Flux and in many ways is unaware or unconscious of what is happening around them. Strong personalities often cope with this state but are easily subdued if calling on their strengths, weaker ones however often become absorbed into the Flux and become reflections of others or the raw power itself.

That in itself is not all that an Oblivion Mage is. The oneness that is created between the Flux and the Mage is an extension of the very power and will of the Nexus. To see and unravel the lines of power that hold life and magic together is a basic gift and one that comes with the truest sense of power. An Oblivion mage holds true Mastery over life and death with the weight on the later because we cannot bring life only preserve it should we chose to. In our hearts, in our souls and in our hands is the power to end civilisations, to destroy cultures, to slaughter armies and crush the dreams of the powerful. Alone an Oblivion Mage is a potent force but in number through the convocation they become something that is unstoppable. This is the power of the Oblivion Mage. We are deployed into the most dangerous situations to achieve the most optimal ending to a scenario with the most extreme power available to us. Otherwise we are servants to our meditations and disciplines but still mortal, still human or Eaölfen but that part of ourselves is something that we must keep and hold to and have been incorporated into our meditations lest we become one of the lost.”
- Peveril Cole - Oblivion Mage

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