The legend of Vaklam continues

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Omni Deck

This is what the full omni deck should look like: 5 cards of each suits and 2 Black (for now) Jokers The whole thing sleeved up

useful code:

This is the descending order of suits: clubs is always a fail

Making checks

Here is what drawing a fail looks like:

An Example of a failed check

Here is what drawing a (very probably) success looks like:

An Example of a passed check

Here is what redrawing a check looks like:

An Example of a redrawn check

Inside the Omni-Deck

within the Omni-Deck are 2 slips a Blue one which is a Wound Card and an Orange one which is a Backlash Card

Wound Cards

Wound Cards have 4 sections, 2 on the front and 2 on the back and they're folded in half behind each card in the omni deck The 4 sections are each for a different type of injury

  • Rain of Blows - lots of smaller blows
  • Cleave - one big blow
  • Magic - Spells and Magical traps
  • Poison and Disease - becoming Poisoned or Diseased

The suit symbol to the right of the description is the difficulty of the test a Chirurgeon must take to overcome the negative effects of the wound cards and in some cases: Prevent Death! ^ Cleave/Rain of Blows ^ Magic/PoD ^

Cleave/Rain of Blows PoD/Magic

Backlash Cards

Backlash Cards are split into 10 different eventualities based on the MAGs of the magic you've been casting at there are different kinds of backlash cards for each of the Base Realms of Magic Here is an example of a wyld one Wyld Backlash card

^ Front ^ Back ^

Front Descriptor
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