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People of The Royal Basin

The Ruling Class: The Monarchy and the Nobility

The Royal Family

King Patryck Draygal was born to Arik Draygal and Catherine Lionsgold both of whom were killed in the Codex Wars. He was born Twenty Five years ago two years after his sister Shannina and four years after his sister Lyria, his brother Kristoph arrived two years after him.

Patryck is a tall, powerfully built man who has inherited much of his mothers beauty whilst retaining his fathers rugged features, despite this he keeps much of his face hidden under a trimmed beard and long dark hair. Patryck is a stern man who has seen much in his short life but despite this general appearance he is thoughtful and kind and practical in his rulership.

Patryck is rarely alone, Kazankol Phlim is never far from his side nor are at least two of the Kings Royal Guard who are said to be armed with weapons of arcane and divine power.

As yet the King is unmarried but several ladies are vying for his personal attentions, the King however has spent much time recently attempting to rescue his Kingdom from the clutches of the Challengers and has had little time for romance. Many fear that he may not marry.

The Noble Families


The Ataxis family is powerful and rich due to its controlling stake of the Eagles Wind Trading Coster. Despite its economic power this family takes little part in Court affairs directly, instead attempting to push its mercantile power more rather then political strengths. The leading figure in the Ataxis family is Baron Afgar Ataxis who dwells out in the Ferns where he operates most of the business interests of the Coster. The Ataxis family has long standing feuds with both the Winter and the Lionsgold families.


The Steelheart family lost control of its Duchy many years ago and the land was absorbed by the Golden Lands and the Bitter Vale. The Ducal title still remained and the influence of the family has changed little. The Steelheart family is strong within the Clergy specifically the Church of Naed and the Church of Terref. Whilst many of the family spend their time within the borders of the Church Anders Steelheart is the minister for Religion and the family is often within the borders of the court for meetings and such. The head of the Steelheart family is Lady Katarina Steelheart who dwells in the ancestral home near Strabain with her husband Morris Thurlock. The Steelheart family has a long running minor feud with the Dasmamacas family over kidnapping issues that were never proven.


The Lionsgold family are one of the families that confine their activities mainly to the Court scene. The Lionsgold family are exceedingly rich and maintain Castle Lionsgold in the capital in a fashion more befitting the King; they are led by the Iron hand of Killblane Lionsgold who allows no disobedience from his siblings and controls the fortune that sustains their activities. House Lionsgold is fiercely loyal to the Crown regardless or not of the fact that they like or dislike the King that wears it.


House Winter are also a family long dispossessed of their land; although the family keep still remains. Instead their sizeable family, led by Adrian Winter of the Bitter Vale, are to be found in just about every major court across the Basin and the Kings Court is no exception. Indigo Winter is the minister for trade in the Court. The Winter family is notably one of the poorer houses and it is known that their bloodline is thin due to their need to marry into money.


The Royal house has been thinned over the years and perhaps could have faced extinction if Patryck had not become King. There are perhaps no more then thirty Draygals left and only a few of them still capable of bearing children. Many believe that this is the reason that the line of Draygal was chosen to be the next Royal Line.


This family seemed to be born to be politicians; they have a long tradition of serving the government of the Basin in various capacities, their crowning achievement has been the appointment of Jordan Hertisan as first minister who governs in the Kings absence. This makes them the second most powerful house in the Kingdom after house Draygal.


Relative newcomers at court the family Dasmamacas arrive under somewhat of a cloud having been accused of kidnapping various children by representatives of house Steelheart. Nothing came to llight but this family have never achieved any kind of credibility at court and only the voice of their patriarch; Dortan has had any impact at the court. Dortan is a sublime speaker and has managed to achieve the role of minister for war ahead of David Silverlight who had hopes for the position himself.


One of the three “old blood” regal families of the Basin the Natherons have long been responsible for the managing the realms forest resources. In ancient times it was the Natherons who organised the systematic development of forests for farmlands. The current head of the family is Felina Natheron who is the Kings game warden. The Natherons rarely appear at Court except for festivals or matters relating to the Basins forests.


This is a very large family who have business and political interests throughout the Basin and also on Helgath, in the Rice Empire and in the Razorbacks. As such they are most often the best and most widely informed family at Court. The Darkspur family have been at the centre of a number of scandals that have rocked the nobility of the basin to the core. Sadly they are so entrenched in various areas of the Basin that it is impossible for one singular thing to damage their influence in the Court. There is no real leader of House Darkspur.


Torakaylin has almost lost its political clout at court and no longer exerts much influence over any of the families. Various rumours circulated around the court about the most recent Duke Torakalyin being involved with Dark Magics just prior to the Codex battle. His refusal to help left his duchy renamed Traitors Bay. Since his disappearance his family have been shunned by Court members and no longer have any kind of power.


The Silverlight family has its base of power in and around Gamtha, with most other family members anchored in Mallierunne and Rendrith. They are a very naval family and have large holdings in the shipping and trade industry; whilst virtual strangers at court in the above areas they wield a great deal of power and are a great force to be reckoned with.


This family owns much of the land that compromises the Bitter Vale and the Golden Lands. These holdings bring substantial wealth and political influence. The King often calls upon this family to fund projects in that area. The Shadowmanes are happy to oblige their King although this is harmful to the wealth of the Dukes on their lands, in return for a position in court and a say in matters.

Common folk

Beyond the realms of nobility and landed members of the gentry there are the common folk; the lifeblood of the Basin. If you are not noble, nor a military type, nor Priest, Druid, Sourcerer or PSI, nor adventurer then you are referred to as a commoner.


A massive portion of the Royal Basin is dedicated to the commerce of Farming, over the years farmers have become a dominant economic and political force in The Basin. The farmers form the agricultural basis of the Merchants guild; indeed a joint action taken by the farmers within the guild could cripple not only the Basins economy but seriously affect the economies of bordering nations. However the farmers of the Basin are fiercely loyal to their Crown and country simirlarly so with the rest of their nation. In times of war farms suffer due to the patriotism of the common folk; the majority of younger farmers see it as their duty to sign on with local militias and military regiments to fight to protect their land.


The Royal Basin has a long tradition of producing excellent craftsmen in a majority of fields; several areas of the Basin are exclusive in what they produce; Rendrith is famed for its shipwrights, and the size of the Basin means that there will always be a thriving economy for the production of specialised goods. Each town of reasonable size carries at least one craftsman guild, these guilds look after the interests of their members; combating taxes, increasing working conditions, supplies, sales opportunities and apprenticeships.

Craftsmen guilds are not designed to be politically powerful and carry little weight unless they are allied to a particularly powerful trade house. Instead the Craftsmen guilds tend to be more a case of fraternal brotherhood, sharing secrets of the trade and guarding them jealously from outsiders who might otherwise infringe on a market that has long been in “the family”. Most guild leaders are content to give the guilds the atmosphere something of a working man’s club feel, mainly using it for camaraderie and a venue that they can learn to hone their skills.


Unlike the Farmers and Craftsmen the Merchants of the Royal Basin carry a great deal of political power and weight; rather then being the wheels of the economy merchants drive those wheels forward in the name of progress. The merchants of the Royal Basin are, as with most citizenry, a loyal lot, members of the Royal Basin over merchants every time. However they are the group most likely to raise through the ranks of the Common Folk to become leaders and rulers, in their own right, of the lower echelons of Basanic society. Wealth and power come easily to the merchants of the Basin and it is quite often the case that some merchants are more influential and rich then some of the nobles of the land.

The Military

To enforce Royal power The Royal Basin maintains a tremendous standing army that has seen a dramatic amount of action in the last thirty years, growing and decreasing in size frequently. Alongside a standing army of 450,000 regular soldiers there are more then 40,000 Silver Saints (the elite cavalry and heavy infantry) garrisoned either in major cities, in outposts or in the Seelie Fae lands. The Royal Navy consists of over 100 vessels that patrol the waterways, lakes and Oceans that border the Basin with the number of marines fluctuating dependant on the season. The army is supported in all things by the Guilds of the Royal Basin; the warriors of the guild swell the ranks at a moment notice and the Royal Mages and Priests (two units) are specially prepared casters who support the armed forces.

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