The legend of Vaklam continues

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Prophet - The Way Beyond The Worlds

“Within the faiths there are many individuals that claim to have been touched or contacted by the Divine and that they themselves speak with the understanding of their voice and their power. Usually Priests within the religious orders speak with the voice of their Arch Angels or the Deity through the auspice of the Church and many have had the opportunity to do so, it is a given thing by the grace of the Gods after many communions through Tharinos. However there are a number of times when these situations have occurred in situations where the use of Divine or Hallowed places have not been needed nor have the use of miracles that are commonly used by Priests in the field. These occurrences often come naturally to individuals that carry the line of angelic lineage, heritage, in their family either knowingly or unwittingly. In these situations the individual can often hear the voices of lesser powers, Angels or Demi Powers that have fallen through cracks in the world whether that be through the mortal or in Soul Anchor. These people seem to be finally attuned to their essence and can not only speak on their behalf but also draw upon their power and strength to act in their name should they need freedom or direction.

However it is most common that these people are not listening to the words of Angels as was suspected for many years. Indeed there are many beings of a supernatural nature that can be heard and drawn upon by those that are particularly gifted in their lineage. At first the Clergy funded a small guild to assist and guide these folk in the hope that they could in turn guide wayward Divine beings; when it was ascertained that they were in contact with other creatures such as Vorokians, Daemons, Fae and Spirits further steps were taken. The leaders of all guilds were spoken with and it fell eventually to the Oath to train those that spoke with such a Supernatural voice: Prophets. It became apparent that there was a great deal of power floating between the different realms and that those that provided it were often lost and in need of a voice. Prophets are charged not only with utilising that power in a positive way for all involved but to bring wayward creatures back to their homes or destroy the malevolent beings that adversely attack this world. Responsibility and Common Sense are watch words for these people”
- Kitsion Dathy - Priest - The Oath.

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