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Relentless Swordsman - Outlawed Profession - Previously Blades in Honour

“Duelling was a way of life for me back in old days; it was like an addiction that you couldn't kick, an itch you couldn't scratch, something that wouldn't sleep unless it had been indulged first. I remember my first duel with a clarity that has receded over the years and the countless tests of steel. It was against Farrington, he was a rival of mine at University and someone who had tried to discredit my work in the years to come, I bumped into him outside of Frannies in Great Strabain, down by the bridge. He knocked me down and laughed in my face, Grace joined in and that was that, my old rapier was out and in my hand and the challenge was issued. That was that, I was young then and had no idea what I was doing but I still beat him, that night on one of the stanchions of the bridge itself. The elixeration, not just at the victory, but at the freedom of the act was tremendous and I knew, then, that I could never go back and that this would be something that I did again. Duelling for me, duelling on behalf of others, I fought over fifty times across four years and would have been incarcerated by now if it wasn't for Paul Calstow.

I challenged him on a dark Winters eve in Haven for nothing less than a glance that unsettled me across a crowded tavern. He chuckled when I issued my challenge but accepted nonetheless and we met in secret, or so I thought, by the docks. The “duel” lasted less than a minute and I thought he would kill me for sure, so quick, so dangerous but no, when he dumped me on my arse he gave me his hand and up I got. Others appeared from the shadows and it was explained to me that they were part of an organisation of bladesmen called the Relentless Swordsmen. They sought out individuals who had the natural talent with the blade and taught them their skill. Why? I asked, as no doubt you would: So it is not forgotten, I was told, few are as skilled with a sword as we are and few ever will be but those that possess the talent and the need to dance with the blade are the only hope of keeping the teachings and developments of hundreds of years alone. So. I am no longer a slave to my duelling addiction; now I roam the world, seeking tourneys and back alleys to test my blade and find others like me, a swordsman, relentless.”
- Myles Champion - Originally a Chirugeon from the University of Great Strabain

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