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Angelic Remnants

The power of the Divine runs through the veins of a handful of mortals that walks this world and in the words of many Priests these beings should be known as the Blessed. In days before the Laws and contracts between Divinity and Mortality existed those beings that rose to be as Gods walked the lands. Whilst in the world they took their pleasure, some loved, some lusted and others rose families but whatever their motives they were eventually relegated back to their power but their legacy remained. Those born of such remnants are revered and reviled, they are dangerous beings whose souls are considered pure by some and corrupt by others, most will hide their heritage those few that embrace it are often hunted.

Angelic remnants are deeply gifted individuals, they seem to all be born with a supremely advanced gift in one field or another. They move to become masters of their craft no matter what it might be although it is usually expressed as an artistic or creative streak: Painters or Woodworkers of generational inspiration have often been Remnants of an Angelic line. They are naturally, deeply spiritual and gravitate toward the faiths where they become vocal and ardent followers of a faith. So much so that they sometimes gain supporters and occasionally followers who awaken the Divine Spark within them. In moments like this the true nature of their heritage is revealed with great and uncontrollable danger.

Specific Look

* Angelic Remnants have feathers running in sequence from their hair.

Less Generic Look

  • They may also have:
  • Broken lines around their eyes.
  • Silver or Golden highlights in their hair

Daemonic Remnants

During the early days of sourcery and savagery, the early ancestors of today’s orcs and humans used bastardized versions of Skagriagaard blood magic and sourcery to summon daemons to them. The summoning was not as one would expect today, calling a physically manifested daemon to the caster, instead the creature was summoned screaming from the Shadowlands to wear the skin of the summoner, enhancing their strength and ferocity. Children produced by such casters were dubbed the daemon born and their line still exists today.

Daemonic Remnants maintain much of the need for power that their Daemonic counterparts do: A Daemon feeds on power of any kind, political, the power of a soul, reputation; all of these things enhance the magical nature of the beast. This desire remains strong in these creatures of the Source and they are keen to exploit the world around them to gain it. This drive does not make them reckless more it leads to them being calculating intelligent beings whose blood calls to the corrupted beings of the now defunct Lands of Shadow. Daemonic Remnants are often killed at birth in the Royal Basin such is the hatred of Daemons there, however, those that hideaway and survive are found in places of strength making themselves indispensable.

Specific Look

  • The mark of Daemon kind comes in the form of horns that manifest on the forehead, pushing their way through the mortal flesh.
  • These are of varying lengths some more prominent than others.

Less Generic Look

  • There are many vestigial traces of the heritage that passes through the blood:
  • Scales and blackened red skin traces
  • Tattered wings
  • Unnatural growths on arms or legs

Fae Remnants

When the world was young and the magic of the Gillieabad still being learned and understood, evils came to the world that could not be fought by humanity. In fear and terror they dreamed of shining saviours that would stand against the void and keep them safe. From the weave were born the dreams of our ancestors, the Seelie and the Banner Houses, who were the best of us but from our nightmares came the Unseelie and the Nightmare Children who were our darkest soul. They blended with the world and its peoples before they returned to the home that we made for them, Eidelos and closed their doors forever.

Fae Remnants are passionate and emotive people that carry a presence and a power with them wherever they go. They flirt with their own emotions, at one point gleeful and welcoming and suddenly cold and distant with that change sparked by a handful of words spoken by a comrade. They seek to be the centre of social activity and to act through the hands of others, manipulating people and guiding situations. However, they tend to be deeply loyal people to the few that they trust and often die defending that handful of souls of the things that they hold dear. They are well thought of in the Royal Basin and tend to fit into most roles or jobs.

Specific Look

* A Fae Remnant have large antlers or curved horns

Less Generic Look

  • They may also have:
  • Glittery/Sparkling skin
  • Butterfly markings
  • Colourful Scales

Lycan Remnants

Lycanthropes: Creatures capable of shifting their form between humanoid and beast that live out an often lonely existence in the wilder places of the land. Their power is linked to the Wyld, the realm of the Gillieabad, despite the origin of their kind being shrouded and lost. Those sharing a remnant of their past have bestial sides to their blood which ripens in their veins as they age. They are primal creatures who are brought up in the civilised world but hear the call of the Tao and the Gillieabad on the wind.

Lycan Remnants are usually direct creatures that find solutions to problems and stick with them, sometimes to their own detriment. They are not second guessers, they are doers, achievers and often leaders. Some pursue their heritage and awaken the beast and the blood within them, calling to their heritage whilst others hide from their past and their power. The people of the Royal Basin have a mixed attitude with them: Many remember the Rhygahrean Wars of 2010 when thousands fell to the Long Claws but many more respect those that defended their borders and now dwell peacefully in Kern

Specific Look

  • Lycans can come from many lineages, in fact almost any animal, but the majority spring from wolf, bear, tiger, raven, snake, bear, rat and shark.
  • Regardless of their heritage, their standard form represents with elongated canines and other teeth.

Less Generic Look

  • Lycans have also been noted with other physical traits
  • Slitted pupils or yellow eyes
  • Elongated and animalistic ears

Varrow Remnants

The children of the Astral have always been outcast and hunted by the people of the Royal Basin for fear of their unseen talents and the lies told to them by the Ministry if Murder. Psionicists took refuge in the dark places and made their circles in places where the Varrowsite grew, something that would haunt them for generations to come. Many were infused with its power and found themselves become a place where it could cultivate itself. Down the years the curse of the crystal was to manifest as the Varrowsight grew in the children of these long ago Haruspexes marking them as something to be feared in the Royal Basin.

The Varrow Remnants are touched by the darkest part of the Astral, a power that comes from deep within the White. They tend to be deeply secretive and sophisticated individuals who play out quiet manipulations from the shadows. They are not inherently evil or wicked but find themselves easily detached from morality, observing the world from as a third person, seeing each individual they meet as a tool, a threat or easily dismissable. As most of the Basin hates them they tend to be planners, preparing for dangers and laying their plans with the veteran skill of a seasoned General as they revise their tactics again and again.

Specific Look

  • Varrow Remnants have crystals growing from their skin.

Less Generic Look

They may also have:

  • Cracked and broken skin
  • Prominent veins

Vorokian Remnants

The origins of these creatures is largely unknown but the Archmages of the Colleges allow their existence and hold to the beliefs of their birth: Those Vorokian casters who have made pacts with their benefactors of the highest order are gifted magics that affect the lineage of their child. Down through the ages that lineage may weaken but the blood of the house remains. These remnants are a revered blessing in the Royal Basin where Sourcerers and Vorokian casters alike are heroes of the people.

The remnants are bright and vivacious people described as sparkling and attractive they are born laughing and smiling. They revere life and all aspects, all facets of the world that they have been given to call their own. They are dancers, singers, merrymakers and smiths of wonder to all those around them. They float through life, rarely stopping in one place long enough to find their feet there before they move on. However; wherever they go they make friends, they learn and they leave a mark of friendship.

Specific Look

  • A Vorokian has the Voroki Marks of the world of their origin tumbling down their skin like tattoos.
  • They run from the temple of the remnants head in a line down the face and neck finally pooling at the shoulders.

Less Generic Look

  • They may also have:
  • Eyes the colour of the worlds enchantment from which they are born
  • Deep splashes of colour through their hair
  • Elongated earlobes.
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