The legend of Vaklam continues

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Some 300 miles East along the coast from Malierunne lies the costal city of Rendrith; a large city of some ten thousand souls that is nestled between the great Lake Primus and the Southern Sea on the Derith. Its buildings are a mixture of Wood and stone and what little of it touches the land is surrounded by imposing stone walls. Great Chains impose themselves into the waters around the city making it an unpopular choice of attack.

Whilst still a port Rendrith fails to attract as much trade as does Malierunne. Indeed its position upon the estuary of the river Derith has made it more popular as a naval seat of power and it has over the years become a thriving industrial base for the construction of the royal navies fleet. The greatest benefit comes from Lake Primus though; this huge expanse of water shelters many fleets away from the storms on the main ocean and the threat of piratical attack. Great shipyards roll out from the shore of the lake and it seems that Rendrith is always producing vessels like some great mother producing a thousand offspring.

The city falls under the governorship of Admiral Sedgley LeWain, a stalwart officer of the Royal Navy, he maintains the running of this bustling city. 500 marines are constantly at his disposal, as are three frigates and a number of Barques and sloops dependant on his needs. All of the Admirals Captains were handpicked and proficient in their skill as sailors and leaders.

One other landmark of note that exists at Rendrith is a mysterious lighthouse that appears to have been built centuries before even the kings had come to the land. None have as yet been able to divine the purpose of the lighthouse and indeed it remains an enigma to this day.

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