The legend of Vaklam continues

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Sacred Purifier - The Cherished Sacrament

There are corners of the world that have bred the darkest and most corrupt creatures that stand against everything in which we believe and in which we have faith. They must be fought and from the Churches of the land come the warriors that will stand against them: There are thousands of quarters from which corruption comes, the most common place that spring to the lips are the powers of the old God - The Devourer or perhaps the Daemon Lords of the Shadowed Lands. They spread their putrid filth through the mouths and hearts of the weak and in the gifts of pestilence and madid fetor. Such power is not so easily dismissed by a Priest of standard training and so the Clergy instructed long ago for the Order of Sacred Purifiers to be dedicated to destroy them. A Sacred Purifier is one who has completed the training of their order and demonstrated a great skill in bringing the gifts of the enemy to a swift and unceremonious end.

They are indoctrinated into the teachings of the Sacred Purifiers and taught the miracles that, dangerous in the hands of the impious, will wipe away the corruption that that the heretical creatures of the ancient foes. They are employed against the power of Malfeasance across the land; destroying creatures, preaching back those that have lost their faith and purifying areas that have been taken by the darkness. These secrets are taught only in the most holy of temples and then only to the most pious, the closest to their deities able to draw from the ire of their patrons to strike down their enemies power. In each of these temples there are a linked collective of shrines called the Cherished Sacrament where the power of the Gods flow to their purifiers, laid down long ago by the Hallowed Twelve and their disciples under edict of the Ninth Tharinos through the lost teachings of Agaranth of Klain.

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