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Specialist Careers Introduction

Most nations teach their worthies through well funded organisations that are run by highly skilled professionals that have spent years in the field before retiring to pursue a career in teaching in their latter lives. These organisations have different names in each nation in the Royal Basin for example they are called “Guilds”. When a player leaves their Guild they join an Agency that defines the start of their careers and guides their destiny as servants of the land in which they live. These Agencies have different names in each nation that they are found, in The Royal Basin for example they are called “Tables”.

Sometimes people gather together to take their learning further and create Specialist places of teachings which fall under the auspices of words such as “The Order of……”, The Association of……“ or “The…………Assembly”. These organisations usually specialise in a field such as Alchemy and Artificery or follow a specific code or fill a specific role in the society that they sit in. Joining these organisations can be difficult, perhaps you do not have the skill, perhaps you could not follow the code but they are certainly things to strive for.


  • Specialist Organisations are basically plot vehicles full of fluff and story.
  • Each one can be found by following the links below
  • These links take you to an overview of the Organisation which you can use as inspiration, use to further plot or apply to join
  • Joining is pretty straight forward, let us know and we can say that it is likely to happen so long as the fit is basically right.
  • Some organisations open up more plot, some more fluff and some a very small amount of skills, maybe one or two that define your character little more.
  • These are usually very clearly alluded to in the overview
  • Most of them cover very specific career choices such as Artificer or Tactical Commander.
  • To join an organisation please alert the system here and we will release the specific information to you.

Organisations of:

The Royal Basin

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