The legend of Vaklam continues

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Spirit Talker

Some of the Tao firmly believe that spirits are reborn into the world when they die, if they choose to allow it, rather than becoming ancient spirits that teach the others. It is not a commonly held belief because far too many of the those of the Wyld reside in the deeper parts of the Spirit World after their deaths. However it does not explain the existence of the handful of Melkarr, Ulmargarn and the like that are referred to as Spirit Talkers. Their gifts are legendary and the abilities that they possess could only come from one whose kinship has stepped into the Spirit World and returned. The affinity that they have with the spirit world and speaking for those that inhabit it is truly Supernatural in all respects. Spirit Talkers are highly sought after within the Tao and other cultures that revere the spirits as the focal point of their teachings.

The abilities that they use are considered frightening and unsettling by any who witness the events. Eyes black or white out, vapours are seen to come from the mouth and the body contorts and convulses as the spirits of beyond enter the host. A Spirit Talker may at this point begin to speak in tongues or the texture of their voice may change to perhaps a guttural growl or sibilant hiss. To that end a Spirit Talker is often more feared than loved and their interactions with other members of even the Taoic community are limited and stilted. Their training comes directly from the Gillieabad, initially through dreams and then later via sojourns into the spirit world and on journeys with the Felakiq and Galafeli who remind them of the forgotten tongues that all mortals can speak in and giving them the powers that they need to fulfil their roles.

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