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St Mundesberg

St Mundensburg started life as a trading outpost for the benefit of trading with the Dwarven communities of the Razorback mountains. Over the years however it has developed into the strongest concentration of Basanic military forces in the North: St Mundensburg has massive 40 feet high stone walls surrounding what has become little more then a city of barracks, training grounds and stables. Siege towers poke out above the height of the wall like silent sentries whilst catapults and ballista defy any warleaders to bring their forces to bear.

Approximately 1,000 military man St Mundensburg; some are Silver Saints, some cavalry, some archers and so forth. For every 10 men is a young knight in training leading them, these knights report to the Lord of St Mundensburg Sapphire Darkspur whose Herald is Jonst Ataxis. During the Winter seasons almost a third of the Basanic forces are positioned at St Mundensburg.

Alongside the army the Clergy and the Colleges also maintain a strong presence within St Mundensburg with perhaps 50 Priests and 50 Source Users being present at any one time. The Massporters guild also has a strong presence and twelve greater massport circles stand ready for use. There are facilities for housing travellers within the walls but they are basic and Spartan, the civilian populace makes its living servicing the armed forces that have made St Mundensburg their home.

St Mundensburg guards the North from any incursions that may come South out of the Tribal Lands and against any aggression that may attempt to sneak its way from the warrens of the Ironbloods. There are many other threats that could make their way down from the wild lands beyond the Razorbacks and St Mundensburg stands ready.

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