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Standard Spells

All users of magic have a few spells that are referred to as the Standards that all can cast like. They may also be used as one offs outside of combat and as such come with a MAG variant for such moments. These spells can be cast by any spellcaster who has achieved the relevant level of magnitude of effect.

Hold back the foe

  • Standard Mag: 5
  • Result: Allows you stand with arms raised and prevent the advance of specific enemies from approaching your location in 90 degree arc. If a rollover is called it may be maintained for 1 additional MAG


  • Standard Mag: 1
  • Result: Makes a weapon magical for the scene (call your magic type as damage code)

Speak to (X)

  • Standard Mag: 1
  • Result: Allows you to converse with something like: A Spirit, the dead, an inanimate object with 5 questions.


  • Standard Mag: 1
  • Result: For the remainder of the day this spell adds a suit to a check (1 per scene) before cards are drawn.

Greater Dedication/Blessing

  • Standard Mag: 3
  • Result: Adds a Diamond to an Omni Deck for the purposes of skill checks, no slips are included, until Drawn.

Skill Giving

  • Standard Mag: 7
  • Result: Gives you a skill for a scene at zero additional suits (+1 Mag per suit)
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