The legend of Vaklam continues

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Strabe is a largish town of perhaps a hundred buildings surrounded by a manned wooden stockade with a single large gate. Strabe is neither a trading nor a military town but is kept alive by the money of the folk that dwell their; Strabe is a township of beautiful gardens, magical fountains and impressive taverns. Rich citizens of the basin invest their money in retirement homes, holiday residences and just second homes here in Strabe. It is a growing and impressive town nestled on the edge of The Timeless Wood; the Druids of the Wood have reached an amicable agreement with the folk of Strabe and keep the area around it safe and tend the gardens and such of the town itself.

Easpar Redstar is the towns leading citizen, he is a retired military commander who inherited an Inn called the Hunting Hound from his sister after she became to ill to continue its running. Easper knows everyone in Strabe and it is a well known fact that he has eyes and ears at court; nobles and leading Sourcerers and Priests have all been known to travel to the Hunting Hound even if they have no residence there. Easpar has grown rich over the years because he trades his connections in return for monies, many know that a good route to court begins with a visit to the Hunting Hound in Strabe.

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