The legend of Vaklam continues

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The Unfortified town Vobde sits on the Western edge of the Gieleden Forest and is used as a base of operations for a large number of adventurers who seek to make names for themselves within said woods. The Gieleden Forest has long been a breeding ground for monstrous creatures, the lair of bandits and the hideaway of those who follow the Dark Gods. Despite Vobdes presence on the edge of the Golden Lands these problems still persist and there is always a good amount of coin to be made by the enterprising adventurer.

Merchant companies pay handsomely for the recovery of stolen goods and for the collection of rare creatures dead or alive. To this end the population of Vobde is strongly made up of merchants or adventurers which leads to a large presence of inns in the town; The Driving Rain, Southern Breeze and Drunken Centaur being the best among the many: Wyvern heads, Hunting Horror Cadavers and the bones of Owlbears and similar decorate many of these establishments.

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