The legend of Vaklam continues

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Vormearn - The Stone Circle and similar Altars

“The lands, they tell me, are wild; the seas, they tell me, are rough; the mountains, they tell me, are treacherous and the winds they tell me are bitter. They are the people of Vaklam, the people of the Tao and the people that I am sworn to protect. I am a Vormearn and I have travelled across many lands, sailed on many seas, clambered across many mountaintops and walked against many winds. The people I am sworn to protect are wild, rough, treacherous and bitter and yet still I perform my duty as my Oath dictates. Most people think that a Vormearn is a servant to Ritualists that understands the ways of the Wyld, its secret paths, its hidden mysteries and the ways of beasts and birds but this is only partly true, there is a much deeper side to our duty and the dusty road that we walk.

A Vormearn is at one time a warrior, a killer for the Tao, at another an officer of the law, a protector of the Spirits peace. At another they are a Venator, a provider for those that cannot provide for themselves and on another day a teacher, training the young in the ways of the wilderness. In all things, though, we are a guardian. Not just of the people of the Tao but of all things: Of the traditions of the Ritualists that we aid, of the people that live under the auspice of the Tao, of the knowledge that is handed down and discovered in each generation and of the balance between the our way of life, the way of life of those beasts and birds and of the spirits from whom our wisdom spills. We will never fail and we will never give up.”
- Kolem Brame - Tao Guardian and Vormearn

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