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Freelance Peacekeeping Agent - Various Professional Agencies

Sometimes, when a person has done a thing a thousand times, they get so good at their job they simply can't operate in the same playing field as their competitors. They find themselves moving out of the professions that have bound them for so long, stepping away from the guilds that have controlled them, moving into comfy offices and employing staff that will cope with the influx of requests that will dog them until they shut up shop and retire as millionaires. And rich they will be, Freelance Peacekeeping Agents rarely come cheap and they always come professional; they do the job and you pay them for it with your Helms or your Colverik or they will make sure that you pay for it with your life. These individuals have spent years building a reputation for themselves, one that will carry them out of their previous lives and into a new existence as a Freelance Peacekeeping Agent and it is a reputation that they will want to keep. Training for Freelancing usually comes from an organisation that has dedicated their lives to such action; The Hunters, The Wicked Folk, The Broken Bow and The Twenty Blooded Blades.

Usually they were Bounty Hunters, Hunters, Antiques Dealers, Detectives or similar whose skills have been honed in a conventional job but now they have moved beyond that role. The FPA fills a unique position in that they are sought after as individuals rather than as bodies or organisations by people and for a variety of missions in different environments and countries with a high expectation of success. The tasks that they are asked to perform range from recovery of missing individuals or goods, the removal of oppressive heads of state, the delivery of vital messages to undercover agents or the subdual of hostile indigenous individuals who are operating illegally against the state. Whatever task the FPA is asked to do they usually charge high prices for the thorough research and reconnaissance and the specialist equipment that they have access to and prepare for these missions. Always show one the highest respect and never call them a Bounty Hunter, yes?

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