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Gilleabad of The Tao

The Gillieabad and spirits of the Tao are fairly structured in their portfolio and those they answer to; a Gillieabad will have a number of Abberundy that follow them who, in turn, have a number of Myrrigun following them.


The Maker, Shaper of words, the Guardian. Quinrath is a watcher and creative power, their hand is seen in teaching others and showing ​ them how to tool and to make, they guard the ways of the Wyld.


Guardian of the Deserts

  • Combat - Healing, debilitation, ​Armouring and Mimicry

Musso Coroni (Myrrigun):

Hardiness, Oasis, Shadows cast by things, Lions and ​ Tigers

Jakuta (Myrrigun):

Shapeless Evil, Solitude, meditation, calmness

​Uhlanga (Myrrigun):

Messengers, Crossroads, caravans and hot sands

Oshun (Myrrigun):

Sandstorms, Visions, Life and madness


Guardian of the Seas:

  • Combat - Armouring, Healing, Damaging and Debilitation
​Lemanja (Myrrigun):

Beasts that swim, tears and kindness.

​Ozain (Myrrigun):

The Drowned, Tides, calm water and water spirits.

​Babalua Iye (Myrrigun):

Disease, pestilence, waves and navigation.

Ga Garub (Myrrigun):

Erosion, relentless nature, time and energy.

Kaka Guie

Guardian of the Mountains:

  • Combat - Armouring, Armouring ​ II, Healing and Mimicry
Chiuta (Myrrigun):

Eternity, Strength, Deep Roots and family.

Nana (Myrrigun):

Boulders, stones and rocks, caves and bears.

​Agayua (Myrrigun):

Clouds, snow, ice and valleys.

​Oxossi (Myrrigun):

Volcanoes, anger, patience and height.


Guardian of Shaping & Growth:

  • Combat - ​Tacticus, Tacticus II, ​ Mimicry and Mimicry II
Nasani (Myrrigun):

Crafting, spiders, webs and ensnarement

​Cuwu Obi (Myrrigun):

Agriculture, growth, fertility and trade

​Nil Orihubo (Myrrigun):

Tools, cities, roads and civilisation

​Heiletsi Abib (Myrrigun):

Buildings, forges, mining and islands.


The plague bringer, the lover, the nurturing hand. Avannah ​ is a whimsical power both cruel and caring at the flip of a coin. They are ​ resourceful and in their grace many have found fear.

Congal Claen

The Custodian of the Moon

  • Combat - ​Healing, Armouring ​ Debilitation and Debilitation II
Taranis (Myrrigun):

Unseen Ways, The Blind, Tiredness and Poisons

​Cadne (Myrrigun):

Forgetfulness, Memories, Trauma and Bones.

​Serall (Myrrigun):

Past Lives, Lineage, Pride and Ancestors.

​Pooroba (Myrrigun):

Fairness, Mercy, Liberation and Equality


The Custodian of the Skies

  • Combat - ​Damaging, Mimicry, Armouring ​ and Debilitation
​Midhir (Myrrigun):

The Four Winds, Tempests, Stillness and Currents.

​Matedas (Myrrigun):

Fortune, Avians, Songs and Communication

​Corelarus (Myrrigun):

Weather, Prediction, Clouds and rain.

​Laittel (Myrrigun):

Harvests, Festivals and Seasonal Rites

​Dian Cecht

The Custodian of the Sun

  • Combat - Damaging, Damaging II, ​ Healing and Healing II
​Waschilt (Myrrigun):

Death, destruction and endings

​Jurno (Myrrigun):

Healing, Smiles and increasing strength for competitive​ reasons

​Calimar (Myrrigun):

Prosperity, Energy, Mornings and Fertility

​Guhl (Myrrigun):

War, Bloodshed, Excellence and Battle

​Mug Ruith

The Custodian of Mythical Beasts

  • Combat - ​Debilitation, Healing, ​ Tacticus and Armouring
Dun (Myrrigun):

Spiritual Contact, swiftness, Fangs and shape shifting

​Palagon (Myrrigun):

Fae Contact, Glamour, Lies and Rites of Passage

​Rawarn (Myrrigun):

Revenge, terror and Strengthening friendship

​Ruilan (Myrrigun):

The Unnatural, Abominations, Childbirth and Sex



The hunter, the fearsome death, creature of the shadows. ​ Ravage is a dark and powerful power, cunning and full of tricks. They are ​ merciless and hard breaking those that would oppose their children.

Borghild Gudrun

Lord of the Forests

  • Combat - ​Debilitation, Mimicry, ​ Tacticus and Armouring
​Gerd (Myrrigun):

Dark Places, Roots and blindness ​

Heidrun (Myrrigun):

Hidden Things, place names and oaths

​Bil (Myrrigun):

Great Trees, errands, protection and eternal youth

​Nott (Myrrigun):

Whispers, Night, scuttling things, apples.

Oden Njord

Lord of Beasts that walk and fly

  • Combat - ​​Damaging, Damaging II, ​ Armouring and Tacticus
​Nori (Myrrigun):

Forest Beasts, victory and chieftains

​Valyjar (Myrrigun):

The Raven Lord, Beasts that fly, nobility.

​Rorth (Myrrigun):

Thunder and Lightning, feathers and far seeing.

​Kerth (Myrrigun):

Great strength, Claws and speed.

Sigurd Verdandi

Lord of the Earth Below

  • Combat - ​Damaging, Tacticus, ​ Mimicry and Debilitation
​Kaol (Myrrigun):

Murder, deceit and deception.

​Foresit (Myrrigun):

Justice, Sworn words and binding.

​Kalakar (Myrrigun):

Burrowing, tremors, claws and nuts.

​Valil (Myrrigun):

Silence, loneliness, shields and hardship

​Ing Skuld

Lord of Hunters

  • Combat - ​Tacticus, Tacticus II, ​ Armouring and Mimicry
​Koo’or (Myrrigun):

Frenzied attacks, sustained strength and stamina

​Chool (Myrrigun):

Tracking, Sharp senses cunning and the chase.

​Njodor (Myrrigun):

Blood, rituals, embodiment and the pack

​Beyla (Myrrigun):

Terrain, Hearing of spoken Oaths and vengeance against broken ​ heard oaths.

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