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Tactical Commander - Haven Academy of Tactical Engagements

“Leadership is a tricky beast, especially when it comes to military commanders; some have leadership thrust upon them whilst others are born to it. Some pay for their roles in command with no former training and some are promoted through the ranks based on the skill that they have learned through experience. There are many ranks that these people can achieve through the armed and military service but few of them will ever be called upon to lead a battle. Of course thousands will be involved in battle and hundreds will lead soldiers into combat and yes they will command those soldiers and every choice they make for those soldiers will change in some small way the outcome of the battle. Each of those orders, though, are based on the decisions and choices of those that actually lead the battle, the select few that have filtered through all of the reports, read their history, come to understand the tactics of their enemy and who understand the morale and abilities of their own troops. There are few of these tacticians and they are treasure by those who serve under them and are served by them; the question is are any of you those people? You may begin.”
- Brigadier Chenet to Silent Company hopefuls before Tactical Command Examinations.

The Haven Academy of Tactical Engagements has been the prestigious home of gifted soldiers and officers for well over two centuries and contains most of the knowledge that was accumulated in its predecessors. Skilled commanders are selected by the Guild officials of both the Silent Company and the Crimson Brotherhood based on field reports and recommendations and hail from guilds of all types across the Royal Basin. These folk then go on to take their examinations and eventually, if they are skilled enough, join the staff of senior commanders across the armed forces and guilds of the lands. They are usually renowned for having an extreme presence on the field, able to lead from the front or from the back and to demonstrate a skill at arms enough to rival the champions of most divisions. Most consider this to be the most difficult role in the armed forces, expectation upon you are high and many of the senior leaders find themselves under extreme pressure, many cope with the stresses of command but others crumble and the battle is lost.

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